This Tool Works Out Your Face

Have you ever felt an electrical shock? It’s not a pleasant experience, but in the world of beauty, the use of microcurrents is not only a common and pleasant experience but also the results are beyond satisfying.

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Microcurrents are low level electrical pulses that are often incorporated into facials to firm up skin and give it an instant lift. Think of it as a workout for the face. And no, it doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, it’s quite relaxing. 

I’ve undergone microcurrent facials before and I can vouch for the lift that it gives, especially around the eye area. There’s a “zing” to it, but nothing that will make you jump out of your skin. Microcurrent procedures have a long medical history, as it’s used to treat facial paralysis, stimulating the muscles and collagen (the protein that “holds” the skin up). When used in combination with a relaxing massage, hydrating masks and nourishing skin serums, the result of a round of microcurrents is a more “awake” and refreshed look. The idea was so popular in fact that many microcurrent devices were released in the market, with varying results. 

Enter Foreo. The Swedish beauty brand is known for its innovative and top-of-the-line devices that seem to perfect the at-home spa procedure. From their popular vibrating cleanser Luna, to the LED mask applicator UFO (both of which won in recent MEGA Beauty Awards), and now, the Bear, Foreo continues its streak of creating premium beauty tools that have found their way to many a beauty junkie’s list of essentials. Yes, it’s called Bear—and the Bear Mini. One look at the rather adorable-looking device and you’ll know why. The name comes from the two round applicators protruding from the palm-sized tool, making it look less intimidating and more, well, adorable. The Bear uses both microcurrents and brand’s t-sonic pulsations to stimulate the muscles and collagen. Regular use as part of an anti-aging regimen results in firmer, suppler, and smoother skin with a more slender, v-shaped jaw. The device also comes with its own anti-aging serum. And if you’re still queasy about the idea of applying microcurrents on your face, know that Foreo has implemented an anti-shock system that measures the skin’s resistance to electricity. Now that’s a workout that we can all commit to.

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