This Newest Perfume Collection Lets You Personalize Your Own Scent

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The right perfume can either make or break your day. But with BVLGARI’s Allegra collection, you’re free to personalize your scent to match your mood, and even your outfit!

Always looking to set the trend, Italian luxury brand BVLGARI introduces their new perfume collection, Allegra. The BVLGARI Allegra collection not only has 5 eau de parfum fragrances you can choose from, but also 5 magnifying essences that will allow you to personalize your scent and magnify a facet of it. 

The magnifying essences—Musk, Bergamot, Rose, Patchouli, and Vanilla—can be added to the fragrance of your choice, or even worn on their own. Add a spritz of Musk for its blissful warmth and sultry essence crafted with ambrette; Bergamot for joy, with notes of Calabrian bergamot; Rose for love, centered on velvety and voluptuous Turkish and Bulgarian roses; Patchouli for passion with its earthy tones enriched with woody and chypre facets; and for thrill, add Vanilla, made with vanilla beans that makes it incredibly addictive.

For your perfect everyday scent, here are the 5 eau de parfums to choose from:

Riva Solare

Ready for an Italian holiday? With this perfume, you won’t have to wait until the pandemic is over. With its sparkling citrus scent composed of tart Calabrian bergamot, accents of osmanthus and mandarin, Riva Solare brings you to the Mediterranean with just a few spritzes.

Fiori D’Amore

For a more rosy fragrance, try Fiori D’Amore. This Eau de Perfum captures the scent of Turkish and Bulgarian red roses with accents of Prelude Raspberry. Fiori D’Amore perfectly captures passion, tender embraces, and true love in a bottle.

Dolce Estasi

Taking you back to childhood, Dolce Estasi brings you the comforts of home. This perfume is filled with delicate notes centered on a heliotrope accord and a powdery floral scent. Enhanced with zesty Italian citrus, Dolce Estasi transports you to sweet and happy childhood memories.


Rock’n’Rome is the perfume for those who prefer fruity scents. Welcoming you with zesty notes, the scent is followed by a floral fruity aroma of Osmanthus and apricot stirred together, then tapers off into a sweet benzoin gum. As suggested by its name, the Rock’n’Rome perfume takes you on a Roman holiday filled with laughter and sunsets.

Fantasia Veneta

Taking you on a party like no other, Fantasia Veneta is an unforgettable chypre fragrance centered on Indonesian patchouli. This perfume also gives a hint of red peach accord and vanilla scent—the perfect surprise twist. Fantasia Veneta captures the exuberant legendary carnival of Venice.

As they say, good things come in small and cute packages—and that is proven with the bottles these fragrances come in. Made with 96% glass and in combinations of vibrant colors, its not only a cute addition to your make-up dresser, its better for the environment too!

The BVLGARI Allegra collection eau de parfums come in 100ml and 50ml, priced at P14,800 and P10,350 respectively. The Magnifying essences are available in 40ml and comes with a pouch, priced at P11,800.