This New Foundation Feels Like Nothing On Your Skin

Living in a tropical country has its pros and cons. Pros: sunny weather all year round, accessible beaches. One con many people deal with, on the other hand, would be being prone to makeup fallout, with products such as eyeshadow and foundation melting away by the end of the day.

Thankfully, lightweight, easy-to-use products are here to save the day. One current favorite is the newest foundation from Guerlain, the L’Essentiel.

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After years of studying what women want, Guerlain has finally come up with everyone’s new makeup essential. Made with natural origin ingredients, mineral pigments, marine and plant active ingredients, the foundation provides one with a 16-hour glow. L’Essentiel is buildable and hydrates the skin, giving it a natural finish.

L’Essential is something that definitely makes my mornings easier. Upon application, it feels as if the product is barely there, as it blends seamlessly into my skin. If my skin is red or dull, the foundation gently evens out my skin tone while still making my skin breathe.

MEGA | This New Foundation Feels Like Nothing On Your Skin

So if you’re looking for a featherlight product that is perfect for Manila’s weather, make sure to give L’Essentiel a try.

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