This Local Lifestyle Brand Proves That Summer Is All-Year Round

Regardless if it’s the dry or rainy season, this local lifestyle brand has the perfect swimsuit for you.

Admit it—Filipinos love to travel whatever month it is, especially if there’s a long weekend (plus, a seat sale). That’s why living in a tropical country like ours, investing in a swimsuit is a must-have. You’ll never know when you’re going for an out-of-town trip.

After all, a swimsuit is actually not just a garment you wear at the beach. Whenever you reach for it as you head to your next adventure, it brings a sense of freedom—whether it’s from your stressful work or your past complicated relationship.

Swimming in the water brings a sense of relaxation. We float and let nature do its thing. When we bask in the sun, it’s us enjoying something both simple and luxurious. It doesn’t take much to lie down and get a tan but it’s an ultimate pleasure to take a few hours to do nothing but give yourself a break.

All of these merits a swimsuit that lets you express yourself. And it doesn’t need to be summer to don a chic swimwear. In fact, summer can be more than a season.

That’s why for the local lifestyle brand, Cabanna, it’s a lifestyle. Established in October 2018, this label offers a swimsuit line that champions fit above all else. Your bikini should feel like a second skin, it should help you feel comfortable whatever you’re doing.

Moreover, as it’s integral for Cabanna to reconnect with nature and ourselves, all of their swimsuits eco-friendly. Each piece is made from recycled fabrics. Both print and solid color swimsuits are made from water bottles and fishing nets.

This means that every swimsuit helps you give back to the very environment which has offered you so much. That’s why every Cabanna ensemble is more than just a swimsuit. It’s a way of life.

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