This Is Your Summer Makeup Look According To Your Zodiac Sign

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The sun’s out, but we’re looking to the stars for our makeup inspiration. Here are the summer makeup looks you should try.

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As of April 2021, we might be looking at another 365 days in quarantine. But don’t let that discourage you. The sun and shine have finally arrived just in time for us to try out different makeup trends such as skinimalism, cozy makeup, strobing, sunset eyeshadows, and so much more. Oprah Winfrey once said: “Summer has a flavor like no other. Always fresh and simmered in sunshine.” Let’s make the most out of the season and try a makeup look that speaks to your inner psyche a.k.a. your zodiac sign. Are you a loud Leo? Then, go for a vibrant cut crease. How ‘bout the caring Cancers? They can try out a monochromatic look. Whichever your sign is, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect trend to try out in our list down below.

Tip: Check both your Sun and Rising Sign for the best results.

Aries – Temple Blush
Take command by switching up your blush placements. Ramsa are known for their fierce leadership skills. You can emphasize your natural power by spreading your blush from your cheeks to your temples. This would lift your face smartly instead of softening it.

Taurus – Bottom Lashes
As Elon Musk’s baby mama, Grimes, said in an interview, “I like the look of being pretty, but ravaged by war.” This is the same energy every Taurus wants to emulate. Opening your eyes with mascara on both your top and bottom lashes can give you that effect. You’ll look, well, a tad messed up, but endearing. Perfect.

Gemini – Prismatic Eyeshadow
Geminis have a very colorful personalities. They go from hot to cold but never tepid. Why not just add in all that confusion in to one look? Just like the many facets of a prism, Geminis are too wonderfully multi-dimensional to stick to just one eyeshadow color,

Cancer – Monochromatic Bronze
There’s something comforting about brown hues. They’re a staple, they go well with almost anything, and everyone already has a brown palette. This type of comfort attracts a Cancer. They’ve got too much emotion in their lives to be fazed by wacky makeup antics for the summer.

Leo – Unconventionally Placed Glitter
If there’s a sign that can pull this off, then it’s got to be the Leos. Their friends and family wouldn’t even question it too much. Leos love being the center of attention and placing glitter on your nose bridge would definitely bring that. You can even put the glitter on your chin, temples, or jaw for extra shock factor.

Virgo – Peachy Pout
Virgos are the most practical Earth sign. They’re in touch with their femininity, yet are very grounded to the fundamentals of beauty. That’s why sticking to a peachy pouch is your best bet. It’s pretty, it’s practical—peachy keen for the zodiac’s perfectionist. Obviously.

Libra – Vibrant Spot of Eyeliner
Do you know who’s a Libra? Kim Kardashian-West, everyone. You know who else? Bella Hadid and Cardi B. You know what all those girls have in common? A crazy artistic side, that’s what. Let your inner freak flag fly with a dash of vibrant eyeliner.

Scorpio – Blue Smokey Eye
Channel your inner Debbie Harry by rocking this 80s trend, except smoke it out for an added layer of mystery. Blondie could never. Scorpios are known to be intense, seductive creatures. That’s why bringing in a little rock and roll in the summer is something up that is totally up their alley.

Sagittarius – Sunset Shimmer
There’s a divine feminine strength that is linked to Sagittarius. They’ve got a strong sense of purpose with a dash of feminine sweetness. This is why trying a bold eye look in a soft rose color speaks to Sagittarius especially during the summer. Just take cues from Jenny and Lisa of Blackpink. They pulled off the look perfectly in “Kill This Love.”

Capricorn – White Eyeshadow
This Capricorn can see right through you and she is not having it. Any of it. By keeping your eyes clean and pristine with the color white, you’ll be brightening up your face in an authoritative way. It’s a little bold to go all white, but that’s also why you like it. It’s a stand out look that takes no prisoners.

Aquarius – Two-toned Eyeshadow
You Aquarians are so quirky. You say the most random things and like the most random beauty looks. But, it works and it’s what we love about you. Which is why we recommend the two-toned eyeshadow. She’s a little cooky, but still oh so chic—just like you.

Pisces – Faux Freckles
It’s natural, but it’s makeup. It’s sweet, but it’s a little unkept. It’s a mix of old-school and romance with a touch of heavy emotions. Pisces loves feeling like the main character of a RomCom pre-makeover. And, that’s why ya’ll would kill for real freckles. No tea, no shade. Just the truth, honey.