This Is Your Internet Style Aesthetic According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Are you an e-girl or a soft girl? Find out what the stars have to say about your internet aesthetic.

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What’s the difference between TikTok stars Addison Rae and Bella Poarch? Even though both girls are equally gorgeous and famous, they have completely different internet style aesthetics. Addison is a baddie and Bella is an e-girl. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then take a look at your For You page on TikTok. Each of the creators have varying style choices, but they all manage to look cohesive. That’s because they follow a certain internet aesthetic and you probably should too.

Finding your internet aesthetic is essential in creating the perfect Instagram feed. This is because your aesthetic dictates how your vibe should be on the internet. Aside from the vibe you give off, internet aesthetics also influence the way you dress. Sometimes finding your aesthetic could be a challenging task, that’s why we’ve taken the liberty to match an aesthetic to your zodiac sign. By knowing your internet style aesthetic, you can start branding yourself more efficiently online, wether through TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Tip: Check both your Sun and Rising Sign for the most accurate result.

Aries – Hypebeast
The cardinal sign that starts the zodiac wheel is not afraid to show her passion, motivation, and confidence. That’s why Aries loves the powerful pieces of streetwear. You can find them wearing a number of monochromatic looks that match their new Jordans.

Taurus – Cottagecore
Under the ruling planet of Venus, Taurus is a sensual, yet conservative dresser. The flowy, comfortable, and romantic pieces of Cottagecore give Taurus an aesthetic that they could identify with. Aside from this, Cottagecore is a well-defined aesthetic that doesn’t get far from farm vibes, which is perfect for the stubborn bull.

Gemini – E-girl
Have you seen the new dual toned hair trend of E-girls? Nothing screams Gemini more than a head of hair in two different colors. Much like an E-girl, Geminis are risk takers that love eccentric pieces. On top of this, they adore being on trend with the latest internet styles.

Cancer – Soft Girl

An emotional and empathetic Cancer is the poster child for Soft Girls. This aesthetic is based on the sensitive side of the internet. Thus, soft girls and Cancers tend to love pastel colors, oversized sweaters, and tennis skirts. They aren’t afraid to show their gentle side, because to them, softness is a sign of strength.

Leo – Euphoria
You best believe Leos would get into the Euphoria aesthetic. Eye-catching pieces? Yes. Creative makeup looks? Definitely. Glitter and rhinestones? Do you even have to ask? Yes and yes. Leos are unafraid of the daring looks from the hit HBO show. Also, they have no problem being the center of attention. Ehem, Alexa Demie’s Maddy Perez.

Virgo – Dark Academia
Classic tailored looks are what defines Dark Academia. In short, they’re a bunch of Ravenclaws. And, there is no sign more Ravenclaw than Virgo. The loyal, practical, and analytical Virgo has a grown-up sense of style. They take pride on what they know and love to wear their intellect on their sleeve.

Libra – Grunge
Libras love a timeless look with a twist. During the late-80s, grunge emerged as a subculture rooting from alternative rock. Thus, it makes use of timeless pieces crafted with edge. Much like Grunge, Libras lean towards the darker side of the color wheel. They are fans of leather, metallics, and the color black.

Scorpio – Wifu Senpai
There’s always something mysterious about a Scorpio. Despite having a staple get up, Scorpios always find a way to incorporate something out of the ordinary in their wardrobe. Like your favorite anime character, they always look well put-together. Wifu Senpai is a Japanese-inspired aesthetic that combines the mystery and charm of our favorite animes.

Sagittarius – Baddie
When we say baddie, think Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner. Sagittarians know they’ve got the goods and are not afraid to show ‘em. This sign is brave and bold. They’re not afraid to live their best life in their statement looks. Baddies and Sagittarians love pushing the boundaries of fashion. They’ll wear the bodycon dress and eat cake like everyone’s watching.

Capricorn – Normcore
You best believe Capricorns shop at Muji and Uniqlo. They love their cozy and comfortable normcore outfits. A Capricorn’s outfit is not complete without their simple and sophisticated basics. Despite this aesthetic being the norm, there’s nothing normal about it. Normcore is an extremely put together aesthetic that prioritizes quality over quantity.

Aquarius – Y2K
We don’t care about what the history books say. To us, the 2000s was the real age of exploration. Low waist jeans! What were we thinking? Well, Aquarians don’t think of it that way. They love trying out new silhouettes in bold colors or unconventional prints. This sign thrives on the creativity of the Y2K trend.

Pisces – Art Ho
Have you seen those pastel cardigans with psychedelic prints? Somewhere out there, a Pisces has ten of those. The daydreamers of the zodiac are lovers of art and emotion, which is why the Art Ho is their assigned aesthetic. Technically, Art Ho was created to empower artistic people of color, but has extended to become an internet subculture.