This Is How You Achieve Nadine Lustre’s Summer Ready Eyebrows

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It’s been almost 2 years since Ms. Keighty Wong did Nadine Lustre’s eyebrows and they still look amazing! Find out how to get them too.

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I have a very asymmetrical face and it’s all because of my eyebrows. I don’t know why, but people always feel the need to point it out when they see me. The usual remarks are “Parang tabingi mukha mo!” or “Bakit laging nakataas yung isang kilay mo?” I know, I know. My eyebrows are very evidently asymmetrical, but you know who’s eyebrows aren’t? Well, of course, Queen Nadine Lustre. For years, I’ve been feeling all kinds of brow envy whenever I see a new selfie of her’s on the ‘gram. However, this ended when I found out she got her brows done.

Photo from MEGA archive

She had a Brow Sculpting session with Keighty Wong, co-founder of Strokes Eye Beauty Studio. Apart from Nadine, Keighty has done the eyebrows of Sophia Andres, Maggie Moran, and so many other celebrities. The reason for this is because Keighty has special technique when it comes to brow sculpting. She is best known for her natural-like finish with the use of two tone colors in microblading. During business hours, she has non-stop appointments from multiple clients who want just that.

After learning this small bit of information, I had a big light bulb moment. I needed to get my eyebrows sculpted. I convincingly told myself that summer’s coming up and I need to prepare for the aftermath of this pandemic. So, I searched up the Strokes Eye Beauty Studio’s Keighty Wong on Instagram for a Brow Sculpting session. I came into their Greenbelt branch and never looked back.

Getting the perfect shape
There is no such thing as free handing microbladed brows. If it was, I wouldn’t have pushed through with the procedure. That’s why I felt a wave of relief when there was a shape consultation session with Chanel, Strokes’ Shaping Assistant. She asked me how I would usually draw my eyebrows and asked for pictures as reference.

Prepping for a painless procedure
Two words: topical anesthesia. They slathered a good amount of anesthesia on my eyebrows for a painless time on the chair. After which, you’ll have to wait for a good 30 minutes before you get them microbladed. And yes, it worked! I didn’t even know that they started working on my brows, because I didn’t feel a thing.

Blades of glory
I don’t know if it was just me, but I had so much fun. I thought the process was going to be very surgical and serious. It was the exact opposite. Keighty talked me through the process while she was doing it. She would even pause for a bit to let me check in on what she’s doing. Additionally, I was very impressed that she was able to incorporate two shades for a natural brow finish.

Browpolar phase
Basically, the Browpolar phase is the period wherein your skin adjusts to the new ink on your brows. If there was ever a microbladed eyebrows horror story you’ve heard of, then they’re probably talking about the Browpolar phase. My Browpolar phase wasn’t so horrifying, because I was informed properly on it. Plus, they give you an after care kit to use at home.

High brow advice from Keighty Wong
We were able to have a sit down interview with Keighty Wong, eyebrow specialist. I wanted to ask her a few questions regarding client hesitations, misconceptions, and up coming projects. As someone who got the procedure done on myself, it was also really important for me to know the answers to these questions.

MEGA: “If someone is hesitant about getting their eyebrows embroidered, what would you tell them so they can be convinced to get it done?”

Keighty Wong: “If a client is not 100% decided on getting their brows done, I do not force them to do so but I try my best to give them a heads up and be transparent on the advantages and disadvantages of microblading – this is to be able to explain to them what exactly they are getting into. Secondly, I inform them about options on the kind of brows or strokes they might want; Natural, Elite or Combination Strokes. I also let word of mouth do its thing, thankfully my existing clients and referrals gladly do it for me.”

M: “What is the biggest misconception about getting your eyebrows done?”

KW: “Most clients get intimidated by the thought of the needle that makes it as painful as getting an actual tattoo but it’s actually not, even a paper cut can be considered deeper. Secondly, most clients would think that the outcome of microbladed brows will turn out as sharpie brows, which actually happens during the Browpolar Phase but we make sure to inform them ahead of time.”

M: “Will Strokes be coming out with new services any time soon?”

KW: “Not at the moment but you may watch out for Strokes Beauty Lab, our cosmetics division. There will be new products that are about to be launched soon.”