This Audacious New Scent Is As Sexy As You’d Imagine It To Be
This Audacious New Scent Is As Sexy As You’d Imagine It To Be

This Audacious New Scent Is As Sexy As You’d Imagine It To Be

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A little over 25 years later, Nars finally bottles a scent that encompasses its brand’s audacious and provoking vision.

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No matter how hard we try, evoking an effortless sort of sensuality is never one that is thoroughly planned. Sure, an audacious attempt can be made in so many ways—whether it is a typical slipping into an edgy assemblage of leather and lace, a brave swipe of va-va-voom red on your lips, or even a coquettish glance just as a flimsy strip of fabric exposes a shoulder—but that make-the-world-stop-and-spin is precisely that, a moment. Before you can even begin to deny any feeble attempt to feign an overt kind of sexiness, you have to understand that something this abstract takes time and yes, a stroke of confidence to exude. This is perhaps the reason why despite being a brand that inherently provokes with its persistent pushing of the boundaries, Nars has taken time before it immortalized the energy of its brand in a memory-inducing manifestation of a scent.

Anchored on the visceral, the sensorial form of daring, what with its penchant for the unique, the fearless, and the unexpected, Nars presumably thought before it acted on the landscape of fragrance. Truly lucrative in the extended business of beauty, perfumes are a natural next step for many cosmetics brands, parlaying colors, formulations, and even emotions in a make-or-break-it whiff. So, here we are, 25 years later, face to face with Audacious, the arousing scent that is by the standard of Nars, purely provocative.

Smashing conventions from the onset, Nars continues its streak with Audacious, a function for cerebral flirtation that fittingly ends in a sultry finish. Sinuous and sublime on the surface, the fragrance already commands attention even from the plain view of the dark bottle with an upturned dome cap, which you are only so quick to pop off to reveal the real treat within—a bold and bursting first spray.

A contrast of charm and confidence, as well as of lightness and darkness, Audacious is a striking study of scents that immediately dazzles in a wrap of smoke of incense and White Frangipani, before opening itself up to a bloom of Ylang Ylang, Tiare flower, and a sharp slice of sandalwood. Proving the power of its silage, it mellows out to a most creamy and decadently delicious base of White Cedar and White Musk. Enveloping you in a figurative veil of sexiness, Audacious by Nars is clear, crisp, and concise introduction into the bran— that is if you have been living a hermit life and have not heard of their disruption of the beauty world. Orgasm anyone?

Yes, sexiness, for all its intentions and ideals, will vary from person to person, much like how a scent will coalesce with one’s natural chemistry. But when it comes down to its essential, it becomes clear that it is at its best an undertaking of undeterred comfort and most especially, an audacious brand of bravery. It’s all about you, really. The rest is just a thrilling trail to make the world turn heads on your path. Go on, and do as the wise ones have said: spray, delay, and walk away.

Trust us, they will keep looking back, eventually wanting so much more.