This 6-Piece Ballerina-Inspired Jewelry Will Make You Swoon

Grace and poise go hand in hand in Jul B. Dizon’s quaint jewellery collection, leaving us all in endless pirouettes.

The Ballerine Collection, created by Lucille Dizon for Jul B. Dizon’s jewellery line takes us centuries back during the Italian Renaissance period. The Collection is an abundance of six pendants bathed in 18-Karat gold and adorned with diamonds, sapphires, pearls and assorted precious gemstones.

Filled with opulence and grandeur, each pendant is named after renowned prima ballerinas, basking in their own elegance, unique style and craftsmanship.


Taking its name after Cuban prima ballerina Alicia Alonso, this pendant is carved from green jade and adorned with diamonds, pearls and tsavorite.


An homage to Russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, this pendant is made of carved lavender jade, highlighted with diamonds and sapphires and a mini tiara of pearls.


The Galina pays tribute to Russian ballet dancer Galina Ulánova, featuring a pearl bodice and a tutu of carved turquoise sparkling with diamonds, spinel and sapphire gemstones.


In honor of Nadia Nerina, the South African principal ballerina of The Royal Ballet in the 1950s-1960s, the Nadia wears a tutu of carved green jade, diamonds, spinels and tsavorite, and carries turquoise flowers.


The Tamara is inspired by Russian-American prima ballerina and actress Tamara Toumanova, fashioned from lavender jade, diamonds and pearls.


The Ulyanna honors Russian prima ballerina Ulyanna Lopatkina, shining with carved turquoise, diamonds and pearls.

“I’ve been fascinated with ballet since I was a child. Though I did not take lessons, I have always loved watching them glide across the stage with so much grace, elegance and strength. With the Ballerine Collection, I tried to capture the magic that the dancers exude even with just a single pose. This line of pendants is my homage to the most celebrated and influential ballerinas in the world,” says Lucille.

The limited edition collection is now available at all Jul B. Dizon jewellery stores and showrooms. 

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