Here’s A List Of Essential Things To Keep In Mind As We Revert Back To MECQ

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If you need a refresher on the things to consider during Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, we’ve got you a long checklist while you stay safe at home. 

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From when the country officially announced its first coronavirus case, the nationwide count of COVID-19 cases has now officially breached a little over the 100,000 mark. According to the data presented by the Department of Health (DOH), the country’s active cases are at 38,405 as we speak. Evidently, the GCQ period has seen the highest increase of cases per day. With all the cataclysm, our front-liners are immensely affected—what with working for longer shifts, wearing PPEs for hours on end, enduring sleepless nights, and withstanding exposure to case-positive patients.

Here’s the non-negotiable: The world owes our frontliners a world of debt and endless gratitude for their selfless services, and right now, the least they demand is a timeout to recalibrate their efforts to effectively and efficiently combat and contain the coronavirus. On Saturday, the Philippine College of Physicians backed by the entire healthcare community revealed that they couldn’t hold the line longer, calling for the reimposition of ECQ. With much strain on the end of the government, they finally relented to the medical proposition, and starting today until August 18, Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, and Bulacan are reverted to MECQ.

In our COVID-19 combat led by PPE-cloaked real-life heroes, we have to account for our own contribution of making sure the human movement is lessened to as to stop the further spread of the virus by staying at home as much as we can, following the MECQ guidelines that we’ve already been through in the past few months.

Maneuver your essentials online

Looking up everything online, there are delivery platforms for groceries, food, tech, and clothing to aid you with your needs without having to go out. The same thing applies for work purposes. Communicate with your team via Zoom, Google Meet, or other video-calling sites.  To lessen your contact with people, start managing again your essentials virtually. However, take note that it’s pouring almost everyday and the job of the delivery guys are twice as hard, clocking in hours of service on end before being able to take a break. If you can, they will definitely appreciate receiving a generous tip from you.

Download necessary mobile apps

From banking needs to telco billings, you can avoid contact when you complete your transactions via mobile apps. This will also prevent you from falling in long lines and waiting for you queue number to get assisted. Check your phone and make sure you got all the delivery-hailing apps you’ll be needing.

No dining-in on restaurants

During the GCQ, a lot has taken their opportunity to dine in their favorite restaurants. Now that we’re in MECQ, only delivery and take-outs are allowed. Even if the restaurant vows for a well-sanitized area, delivery and take-out options are the safest.

No non-essential travel

Any form of public transportation is not allowed except for shuttles for front liners. The Office of the Vice President has revived the shuttle services for a convenient transport of healthcare workers. There will be limited in-bound international travels for returning OFWs while domestic flights are restrained.

Quarantine passes are required

As we return to MECQ, quarantine passes are asked from checkpoints. However, this will still depend on your LGU as some parts of Manila are permitting residents to reuse their old quarantine pass.

Donate to frontliners

Most importantly, the fight against the pandemic will be plain sailing if we, as one, support charitable initiatives. Our front liners need us now more than ever. Without having to constantly remind everyone, everyday is a battle for them. If you’re looking for a way to help them and aid them with PPEs, masks, and other healthcare necessities, below are the donation drive links you can check out.

World Trade Center We Heal As One Center

mecq frontliners

UP College of Medicine and Philippine General Hospital 

mecq frontliners

Oxfam Pilipinas

mecq frontliners


Life Cycles PH 


mecq frontliners

Kaya Natin! Movement