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These Male Celebrities Prove That Fashion Has No Gender

These Male Celebrities Prove That Fashion Has No Gender

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Say it louder for the people at the back: fashion has no gender.

Gone are the days where dresses are only acceptable for women, and suits are only for men. While we all live a new normal, people are now breaking gender norms in fashion—and we couldn’t be happier about it. C’mon guys, it’s 2021! Why can’t we let men enjoy ball gowns and let women rock suits whenever they want to? As what we said in this month’s cover: let boys be femme.

Well, these men are definitely unafraid of showing off their femme side through fashion. From Harry Styles to BTS’ V, here are the male celebrities who have proven that fashion has no gender:

Harry Styles

Not only did Harry Styles make history by being the first male star to appear solo on a Vogue cover, he did it donning a blue Gucci dress nonetheless! But of course, that wasn’t the only time he said “screw it!” to fashion’s gender norms. The singer has long been seen wearing pieces considered as feminine—from his sheer top for the Met Gala and feathered boa for the Grammys to his shiny sequinned vest for his recent concert in Las Vegas.

Jared Leto

He may be known for his portrayal of Joker, but if there’s one thing Jared Leto doesn’t joke about, its fashion. While he may usually opt for a more masculine style, the actor does not shy away from experimenting with more unique pieces. From floral dresses and scarves to vibrant suits, Jared Leto has worn them all.

Kid Cudi

What’s cooler than a rapper who’s not afraid to break gender norms? Performing on SNL earlier this year, Kid Cudi made headlines when he wore a floral dress in tribute to Kurt Cobain. And that wasn’t the only time he opted for a feminine style. Just recently, he attended the NYFW in a long black ball skirt that he matched with a graphic sweater, and he was also seen performing wearing a cropped top.

Evan Mock

The model, actor, and skateboarder has been turning heads as Akeno on the Gossip Girl reboot, and more so with his style. Just like how it is in the series, Evan Mock is not afraid of opting for “controversial” fashion choices for his looks. And with his pink hair, punk aesthetic and his carefree vibe, he can definitely pull off anything.

Ezra Miller

A cropped top, dress, and corset—what else has Ezra Miller not worn? Honestly, we’re not sure, but no complains here! From his very camp ensemble for Met Gala to proudly wearing beautiful makeup looks, Ezra Miller has definitely embraced gender fluid fashion in the most iconic way.


The K-pop group is not only well-known for their talents and looks, but also their eye-catching style. One of which is member V. From performing in a red Fendi dress and lace tops to accessorizing with a pink feather boa, the Korean heartthrob has time and time again proven that fashion has no gender.