These Levi’s Jeans will Make You More Confident to Strut Your Stuff

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Embrace yourself like how these pants from Levi’s® embrace your body

It’s already 2021 and the youth is more self-aware than ever before. Almost everyday, we are reminded by social media posts, messages from family and friends, and even art like music and movies that we should give ourselves more attention, care, and love. Self-love has been a widely talked about topic among women and with it, comes embracing our own bodies for how they look and feel. There’s no set size or shape for how a girl should look like so it’s only right that we feel as confident as we can be in any piece of clothing we wear, which is what Levi’s® aims to do with their latest collection.

Proudly embracing every woman’s body, Levi’s® has expanded their range of well-fitting jeans. The brand’s Loose fits for women introduces responsibly-made pairs of pants such as the High Loose Taper and Loose Straight. Those who would want to accentuate their luscious curves can get excited about the former for its emphasized waist on one end and a loose, tapered leg on the other; while the latter gives a more freeing feeling with its roomy, straight leg that starts with a mid-rise. These pairs of Levi’s® jeans are perfect for a safe lunch out with your girlfriends or even for just a casual day for errands.

Cheers to a greener generation

Just like the youth who want a more sustainable future, Levi’s® is also using their voice by including environmentally friendly elements such as Cottonized Hemp and Tencel™ in their pants. The High Loose Taper is available in Cottonized Hemp that is made from hemp yarn, thus requiring less chemicals unlike other materials. Meanwhile, Tencel™ is a highly sustainable fabric from recycled wood and extracted wood pulp.

Feel more confident with every stride with the Levi’s® Women’s Loose fits for their Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Visit their website to know more.