These Filipino Designers Are Saying Goodbye To These Fashion Trends Of The Decade
These Filipino Designers Are Saying Goodbye To These Fashion Trends Of The Decade

These Filipino Designers Are Saying Goodbye To These Fashion Trends Of The Decade

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From maximum exposure to platform heels, these are the fashion trends top Filipino designers say we must leave behind in the past decade.

With a new decade beginning comes the moment to reflect on many of our ways, fashion included. Coming to terms with this clarity eventually means a major wardrobe revamp fit for the year ahead. While there were a lot of great fashion trends that emerged in the past ten years, there are a few style fads that we must bid farewell for good. So, what better way to be in the know of what’s in and what’s not this 2020 than by asking the people who are at the forefront of fashion.

From red carpet gowns, dashing suits, to everyday ready-to-wear ensembles, MEGA asked a handful of our country’s top designers what they wish would never make a fashion comeback. While others are understandable, we must admit that we didn’t expect some of the trends to be part of this list. After all, every trend has a plot of its own where some of these have already climaxed and is now well on its way to dénouement.

Here are the fashion trends of the decade we are saying bye-bye to, stat.

Dad Sneakers

“The first trend that I want to disappear forever is the dad sneaker that became a trend in 2018. For me, they just look ugly on women, and I’m guilty because I own two sneakers from Balenciaga and Gucci.” – Michael Cinco.

“For the chunky sneakers, I won’t lie and say I didn’t almost give in to the Balenciaga Triple S hype! While I did find them comfortable, I still found them very awkward and they’re just not for me. I realized that I don’t really have to follow certain trends to make a statement.” – Chris Nick.

Maximum Exposure

“Super see-through dresses like the one worn by Bella Hadid in Cannes are not elegant and classy at all. I wish women will continue to wear elegant gowns and ball gowns in red carpet events.” – Michael Cinco.

“Well, I can’t speak for my generation of creatives, but I’ll definitely be refraining from designing naked dresses. I’d love to see women fully clothed again. Poetry can replace sexy in 2020.” – John Herrera.

Platform Heels

“Let’s leave those platform heels a la YSL tributes and Louboutins behind, please! I’ve never really taken to those types of heels as it makes a girl look like she’s wearing mini-stages on her feet. Always and forever go with a classic pump!” – Rosenthal Tee.

Wedge Sneakers

“Wedge sneakers, mainly because it’s either you wear a pair of heels or a pair of sneakers, to be honest. Rather popular but not much of a fan of the merging of the two a la Isabel Marant. Being more of a classic, traditional type of guy when it comes to fashion, I’d go for the heels, of course.” – Chris Nick.

Velour Tracksuits

“I think the tracksuits from Juicy Couture should not make a comeback. The velour tracksuits bedazzled with stones are trying to pass off as athleisure, but not really.” – Neric Beltran.


“Patchworks came back in 2019. Although, I never liked it, never will, I guess? Everyone should leave it behind.” – Patty Ang.

Extreme Grunge or Boho

“Extreme grunge or boho fashion should be revised to a completely fresh stylized and contemporary fashion. [It must] redefine the silhouettes and fabrication to give a NOW appeal!” – Randy Ortiz

Skinny and Distressed Jeans

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“Skinny jeans and distressed design techniques definitely need to bid farewell. Personally, I feel like the new decade will reintroduce us to the fashion of the 20s and it has already begun some years before we entered 2020. Relaxed fitting bottoms paired with tight or slim-fitting tops. Pleated pants and sheer for both boys and girls.” – Francis Libiran.