These Celebs Made The Chop During Quarantine. Will You Do, Too?
These Celebs Made The Chop During Quarantine. Will You Do, Too?

These Celebs Made The Chop During Quarantine. Will You Do, Too?

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Short hair, don’t care. Here are the 7 local celebs who cut their hair short during quarantine. Will you make the chop like them?

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Being in the house for extended periods of time gets you thinking about all the new haircuts and colors you could try. At some point, you might give in and make the chop. On the other hand, you could still be at home thinking deeply about it. If you ask us for advice, we say do it. Take it from these local celebrities who have cut their hair at some point during the quarantine. 

Andrea Brillantes
We all had to do a double take when Andrea Brillantes posted a picture donning short hair. The young actress is well-known for her long mermaid-like hair, so this refreshing cut came as a surprise to all. And guess what, it suits her very well. 
The Chop, Andrea Brillantes
Leila Alcasid
Leila was one of the first to make the chop bring quarantine. She cut her hair at around March and never looked back. She’s been maintaining her chic bob ever since.
The Chop, Leila Alcasid
AC Bonifacio
This young dancer is a hair chameleon. If you look at her Instagram feed, you’ll see that her hair would go from long and short in a snap of a finger. But we did notice that her natural hair was cut short in the middle of the pandemic. Very sophisticated.
The Chop, AC Bonifacio
Miles Ocampo
Miles has maintained middle-length hair for most of her career as an actress. Despite this, we’ve noticed she went even further and had a chin-length haircut during quarantine.
The Chop, Miles Ocampo
Liza Soberano
The actress and now YouTube sensation, Liza Soberano, has been wearing short hair since she made the chop last May. Her angular bob brings emphasis to her cheekbones, which only heightens her natural beauty.

The chop, Liza Soberano

Michelle Vito
Michelle Vito shows us the proper way to style a lob (long bob). The young actress cut her hair in a trendy lob over the pandemic. She keeps it fresh by adding texture and a bit of shag.

Shamcey Supsup-Lee
Beauty queen and entrepreneur, Shamcey Supsup, has only recently cut her hair to a bob. We find the cut to be very befitting to her new title as the new Miss Universe Philippines National Director. Now that’s a girl boss look.