Need More Fitspiration? Look, These Celebrities Are Doing Their Workouts At Home, Too
Need More Fitspiration? Look, These Celebrities Are Doing Their Workouts At Home, Too

Need More Fitspiration? Look, These Celebrities Are Doing Their Workouts At Home, Too

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While working out at home is harder than it seems, it certainly is the safest option at the moment. If you need a constant reminder that home workouts can be fun, too, here are your favorite celebrities that are continuing their fitness journey even at home.

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After the front liners’ plea for a timeout, MECQ is once again in full effect in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan, and Rizal. However, with strict guidelines to follow, gyms, fitness studios, and other recreational centers that involves non-contact activities which were initially allowed to operate at 30% capacity in remaining GCQ areas starting August, will have to wait a little longer. At this point, we will not tire of warning everyone how fitness centers are at high risk of spreading the virus. If we all may, let’s think of our hardworking and restless healthcare workers and go on a voluntary ECQ mindset. Meaning, we must go out only if it is absolutely essential.

In as much as gyms have long been doing measures to keep our fitness in check and instill safety at the same time, fitness sessions in these contagion-possible spaces is not an option unfortunately. The thing is, there is a lot of things to do at home, especially with the amount of convenience these fitness studios have done since the pandemic outbreak. With everyone encouraged to track health via mobile apps and engage with online fitness sessions, our go-to work out tribes have been selling and renting bikes, megaformers, and boxing equipment, as well as offering online sessions. Do you need more? Make these celebrities your fitspiration as they share how they deal with their home workouts.

Kathryn Bernardo

In one of her episodes of Everyday Kath, Kathryn reveals the one thing that kept herself busy while in quarantine. Whether with heavy equipment or with no equipment at all, she stays fit and keeps those abs tones with the the help of three fitness experts—Janie of Elev8 Fitness Studio, Lovely Abella, and Mama Kat, who’s famed with moniker: Body by Mama Kat, using her own megaformer, dumbbells, and yoga mat.

Lovi Poe

Lovi Poe keeps tabs on having fun while sweating off. The fitness enthusiast who shares her exercises with the hashtag #LoviYourBody is a total fitspiration. I mean, maintaining that sexy bod through workouts done at home? That’s next level motivation. Plus, adding some dance moves not while you go on slow speed treadmill is definitely the next workout style we’re trying to cop.

Solenn Heussaff

After having her first child, Solenn admits that her body changed when she undergone C-section. Solenn’s is not just a fitspiration but also an inspiration to all mommas out there who had C-section and felt like their body was sagging and uneven. Her insightful vlog is for every mothers out there who want to get back into shape. Explaining how everything has to be taken slowly since it’s also a matter of healing your body, Solenn is currently working out to lose the baby weight.

Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto takes into what she does on a normal day at home. In her A Day In My Life vlog, she shares how she squeezes her workout routine in between household chores and Zoom meetings. Sharing a sneak-peak of her third floor, Julia has her own bike and mat ready for her fitness class. Here, she mentioned that she’s planning to create a separate vlog focused entirely on her workout routine. So, I guess we’re all looking forward to that.

Bretman Rock

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If you’re checking in on Bretman Rock via his socials, you’ll know how he’s so much into home workout even before quarantine has started. Apparent with his rock solid shoulders, Bretman is engaged in strength training like lifting heavy weights and deadly squats all kept in his Instagram highlights. Oh, and don’t forget those saucy and sensual pole dancing moments, too.