These Are Tiktok Fashion Trends That Are Runway Show Approved
These Are Tiktok Fashion Trends That Are Runway Show Approved

These Are Tiktok Fashion Trends That Are Runway Show Approved

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Let’s face it, Tiktok has influenced the world in more ways than through dance. We’ve changed our workouts, diets, and spending habits because of the social media platform. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this influence has extended to the creative directors of global fashion houses. After a string of new shows from London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and the likes, it’s easy to say that there are a few silhouettes that have been inspired by the internet.

At the end of the day, the fashion industry is still an industry. Whatever is trending– sells. For the brilliant designers of these renowned labels, it’s all about how they can incorporate these trends into their brand DNA. Here’s how they did just that by incorporating Tiktok fashion trends into their newest collections.

Miu Miu – Low Rise Mini Skirts
They’re back! It’s time to tone the abs, because Miu Miu brought low rise mini skirts back to life in their most recent fashion show. Although this is a very controversial return, we kinda saw it coming when even local Tiktokers such as, Jamina Cruz, was seen sporting the itty bitty skirt months ago.

Coperni – Platform Flip Flops
We’re so sure you’ve been swayed by multiple Tiktokers to purchase a pair of platform flip flops online. There has been an excess of fun flip flops being sold online before Coperni hit the runway for their Spring Summer collection. The brand showcased the same chunky flip flops we’ve been seeing on Tiktok.

KNWLS – Return of Boho
Long skirts and flirty tops in earthy tones and prints? It’s a yes for Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault of KNWLS and the many Tiktokers who have sported this trend on social media. Hailey Jade, Emily Robinson, and Kennedy Brae are just a few Tiktok stars who only dress in Boho fashion.

Eckhaus Latta – Playful Knits
There are so many ways you can style up knits. You can rip them, crop them, dishevel them, rough ‘em up, and even cut large holes in them all for the sake of fashion. Eckhaus Latta showcased a whole collection of playful knits that seem oddly similar to all the knitwear we’ve been seeing on Tiktok.

Valentino – Combat Boots
In Pier Paolo Piccoli’s latest Valentino show, he showcased a number of fashionable footwear. We saw gladiator sandals, sneakers, and the evergreen combat boot hit the runway. We’ve seen Tiktok stars wearing mid-length combat boots since last year, so we’re happy to see the influence reaching out to runway.