These Are The Best Local Streetwear Brands In The Philippines For 2020

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You loved our list from last year. Now, we are stepping our game up as we present to you the best local streetwear brands for the year 2020. 

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During quarantine, streetwear pieces have become essential to the modern-day closet. Nowadays, we are live, breathe, and do everything in between in our sweats and hoodies. And for those of you who have decided on a streetwear uniform, it may have gotten harder for you to find original pieces that speak to you. This is because the streetwear consumer has changed. Gone are the days, when loud and logo-filled pieces are dubbed as counter culture. Real streetwear fanatics know that the goods are in the vaulted original pieces. If not there, then in the vintage merch that carries a personal meaning to you.

Because of this, we’ve decided to make a new list of the best local streetwear brands in the Philippines for the year 2020. These brands have adapted to the change of tides and are innovating for the future of streetwear.


Manila meets Los Angeles in MN-LA. The Manila-born and Los Angeles-inspired streetwear brand provides contempt-retro inspired pieces. They are well known for their satirical take on promiscuous words and Filipina bombshells.



Here we are at Tokyo! Except, this brand is based in Manila. SKOOP brings representation to those who are born Filipino, but raised in Japan. Through their bi-cultural apparel, SKOOP gives us a streetwear concept like no other.



This Cebu-based streetwear brand is making waves in the car scene. Like Mark Arcenal’s ILLEST, this brand was built on car culture. But, what makes it truly special is the hyper-localization of their products to fit the Cebuano lifestyle. Truly, a brand to watch out for.



We know what you’re thinking. Disregarding that trail of thought, KUSH sells streetwear apparel. They’ve got versatile prints that speak to the descendants of Cheech and Chong. And, we all know how iconic those two are.



Patrik Bondoc and Rik Rasos created PROUDRACE to forge together the different cultures that make Filipinos, Filipino. The pieces are off-beat, contemporary, and different. While not entirely new, their persisting endurance truly cemented their place in local streetwear as the Jerry Lorenzo of the Philippines.


Randolf Clothing

Randolf Clothing is not for everyone. It’s a new breed of streetwear, but what really caught our eye is the experimental and freeing nature of the brand. It also is big on sustainability where no piece of fabric is wasted, and in fact, becomes part of a bigger fashion tapestry or look later on. To be your own kind of streetwear, takes a lot of gut and talent. This brand has that.


Thy Origins

Thy Origins, streetwear

Thy Origins has been around for quite some time. Through the years, they have evolved their craft to take on a fantastical route. They show this through the prints and characters they produce on their merch. As a result, they have become true contenders in the streetwear game.



The thing about PURVEYR is it’s not a streetwear brand per se. It’s a lifestyle and media brand. But when PURVEYR started coming out with merch, it just made sense. The values instilled in the work they do grows over to the material they make and that’s what makes them truly great.


HSO / Haute Stuff Original

streetwear, HSO, local

HSO / Haute Stuff Original is a grungy take on streetwear. They make wearable pieces that are timeless, high-quality, and street at its essence. Through their utilitarian style, one would be quick to identify if the piece is HSO.


Don’t Blame The Kids

streetwear, DBTK

DBTK is the only brand from last year’s list that is part of this list. There is no doubt that Don’t Blame The Kids has upped the ante in the streetwear game. And, we’re here for it. Period.