These Are The 5 Next Gen YouTubers You Should Be Watching

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Haven’t you heard? YouTubers have changed. There’s a new generation of creators that we should look out for.

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There was a time when YouTube was filled with overly hyped personalities with a god complex. We’re talking about the creators who preached like they could do no wrong, while maintaining an eager demeanor. Don’t get me wrong. They were fun for the time, but nowadays the whole YouTuber act is getting a bit tiring.

Therefore, there was a need to fill in the void with real people. It was seen first with Emma Chamberlain and her Sister Squad. After the sarcastic creator phase ended, the YouTuber scene evolved once again. Now, were faced with young and hardworking experts who occasionally make mistakes. These creators provide useful information in the most relatable way and that’s why it works. Meet the five next gen local and international YouTubers that are spearheading this scene.

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Ashley Garcia
It’s frustrating to watch a styling video on YouTube that you can’t relate to. In the Philippines, we don’t have stores like Brandy Melville and thrift shops like Goodwill. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see a YouTuber who can teach viewers how to obtain the “LA Influencer Look” without having to travel abroad. Ashley Garcia shows all of us how to make the most out of local thrifting, online shopping, and world class styling.

Kennedy Walsh
Getting annoyed with all the overly positive family content on YouTube? The solution is Kennedy Walsh YouTube Channel. Her account features a ton of makeovers and family content for those who are a little over 18 years old. You can even watch her sibling’s channels because they all got into the vlogging game after Kennedy’s success. Now, she has switched up her content to adulting transitions that involve buying her own apartment and living alone.

Toni Sia
Dubbed as the online shopping budol queen, Toni Sia, can surely point you to the right fashion deals. Her YouTube channel consists of hauls, makeovers, vlogs, and so much more. What makes Toni stand out from the rest is her honest take on products she endorses and her quirky personality. To top it all off, the aesthetic of her videos are always on point.

Ashley Rous a.k.a. Bestdressed
Rising star, Ashley Rous, is the best example of someone who is living the new American Dream. After 5 years of being on YouTube, the vlogger has finally broke through the scene and is now considered a fashion icon. The young girl from Maryland now vlogs from her apartment in New York while being invited to all the latest fashion shows. The DIY queen is best known for her thrift flip videos and her apartment makeovers.

Ciara Gan
Remember the YouTuber who went viral for making her own prom dress? Yeah, that’s Ciara Gan. After her shot to stardom, the YouTuber has not stopped in creating content online. Aside from creating gowns and filming it, Gan has expanded to painting sessions, vlogs, and styling videos. Her loyal fan base has helped her create consistent growth in her YouTube, while maintaining good grades in college.