These 2020 Beauty Trends Are Being Replaced In The New Year
These 2020 Beauty Trends Are Being Replaced In The New Year

These 2020 Beauty Trends Are Being Replaced In The New Year

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New year, new me. Literally. It’s time to change up the tired looks of 2020 to the upcoming beauty trends of 2021. Find out what they are.

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2021 is a year of transformation, there’s no doubt about that. The Philippine elections are coming up, Kim and Kanye are getting a divorce, and there are new beauty trends to follow. We’ve paid our dues to the trends of 2020 and it’s time to say goodbye. That’s why we are looking at the new make-up and hair trends of the new year with a lot of hope and excitement. Now is the perfect time to revamp your look and claim a completely different persona that you’ve always wanted to try. These are the five beauty trends of 2020 that are getting the boot and the trends that will proudly take their place.

The Fox Eye is out and 80s eye looks are in
The infamous and oh-so controversial fox eye is getting the chop in 2021. We’ve seen the TikToks and recreated the look. Now, it’s time to close the chapter. Let’s open our books again and revisit an absolute beauty goldmine—the 8o’s. We’re saying yes to bold colors, metallics, and a wonderful play on colored liner.

Rich-Girl Hair is out and The Shag is in
I can hear the fictional Pierre Cadault screaming, “Ringarde!” Rich-Girl hair had it’s moment. We all tried the effortlessly polished curls with a middle part, but it’s time to move on. We’re claiming the shag to be next in-line in taking the hair of the year. She’s messy, low-maintenance, and charming. We’re giving Stevie Nicks a run for her money.

Full-face creams are out and spot treatment concealers are in
Remember full-face BB+CC creams and tinted sunblocks? No? Well, same here. We barely even know her after quarantine. If you’ve been a bum like the rest of us during the pandemic, then you’d fully understand. Masks and full-face creams just don’t go well together, which is why we’ve switched to spot treatment concealers. You just need a bit of product to conceal the unnecessary.

Sectional highlights are out and 2000s highlights are in
Face framing highlights were fun in 2020. We all had our Jennie Kim moment and lived our K-pop dreams. Maybe we even made a few TikToks with it. Alas, all good things must come to and end. And, all old things must resurrect. Bring back Britney with a head full of chunky highlights. For the full effect, do it yourself ‘cause why not?

Colored glosses are out and lip balms are in
We’re taking out colored glosses for the same reason as the full-face creams. They’re just a bit too inconvenient to wear in the pandemic. Nevertheless, they’re still a beauty stable. Maybe just not in 2021. We’ve found ourselves going back to an olde, but goldie—lip balms. Good old Chapstick never did our masks wrong and they sure are hydrating!