There’s Nowhere to Go but Up for Watsons and Their Sustainable Vision

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A more liveable future is in sight with this Watsons initiative

It’s not just about shopping anymore. Now, we shop with a purpose. The talk about sustainability has been rising unbelievably these past few years, and coming to a stop is not in the agenda. Everyone has been actively making their honest arguments about the importance of living a more sustainable lifestyle, and various local and international brands such as Human Nature and Thayers have taken a step back to look at the bigger picture. These brands have become more friendly towards the environment in creating their products starting from the first mix of natural ingredients all the way to the packaging. As a response to the constant call for responsible consumption and production, A.S. Watson Group has launched their strengthened social purpose and 2030 Sustainability Vision.

According to Group COO of A.S. Watson Group and CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia and Europe) Malina Ngai, “We have a strong sense of responsibility to create a better world through our global operations.” The company’s 2030 Sustainability Vision creates a renewable path as it aims to achieve electricity intensity reduction by 30%, reduce GHG emissions by 40%, and eliminate unnecessary packaging.

Local effort, worldwide effect

Every step towards progress, no matter how big or small, is always progress. To support the 2030 Sustainability Vision, Watsons has partnered with SM Supermalls in the Trash to Cash Recycling Market. Through this initiative, empty and unused packaging of different health and beauty products can be dropped off at designated recycling areas in exchange for monetary and in-kind incentives.

Carrying an extensive range of clean beauty brands is also Watsons’ way of continuously promoting long-term sustainability. Haircare brands like Naturals by Watsons and Herbal Essences, personal care brands like Dove and Nivea, and skincare brands like Luxe Organix and Aveeno are only some of those whose products are free of any unwanted ingredients such as O-phenylphenol, Microplastics, and Methylene Glycol that may have terrible outcomes on the skin and in the environment. Not only that, but Watsons also provides refill packs to encourage consumers in reusing containers, which helps in reducing unnecessary waste.

Join Watsons in their sustainable initiative by visiting any Watsons store nationwide. To shop online, you may check their mobile app or website, and even use their call and delivery service at select stores. Visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for more information.