The vivo V21 Doesn’t Let Darkness Get In The Way
The vivo V21 Doesn’t Let Darkness Get In The Way

The vivo V21 Doesn’t Let Darkness Get In The Way

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The best things in life happen after the sun goes down, so you better be ready to never miss a moment

Imagine this: you’re out of town with friends, scoping out the night scene and making new memories with each other, when it suddenly hits you that you never want to forget this moment. To capture it forever, you decide to take a selfie. You take the shot with your rear cam and immediately blind yourself with the flash. You take another without it, but struggle in editing low light conditions. Shooting in the dark was a big mistake, and now you’re left with two choices: keep a bad photo as your only memento, or delete it entirely.  

Of course, there’s always the third option: take a better photo in the first place, and with the vivo V21 Series, you can save your most treasured memories even in the darkest of places. 

Light up the night 

Good lighting is the difference between a killer selfie and a selfie killer. No one wants to fill their camera roll with poorly lit and washed out selfies, especially not when you’re trying to preserve the precious moments for you and your friends to look back on. 

Capture these memories in pristine quality with the V21 Series. Equipped with a top-class front camera boasting 44 MP and a built-in OIS, this phone ensures that your images stay crisp, stable, and life-like. The new series also promises clear selfies even at night, utilizing a 64 Megapixel OIS Night Camera and a Selfie Spotlight System to grant your scene the balanced lighting that it needs. 

With a simple flick of your thumb, you can now capture selfies wherever and whenever without having to worry about the dim lighting or the shakes—the V21 Series has you covered. 

It’s a smooth operator

Phones are like people, if you think about it: the older they get, the slower they start to move. If you’re the type to use your phone for all sorts of functions, the last thing you want is for it to stutter and lag when you’re in the middle of something important. 

That’s why vivo emphasizes only the smoothest performance with its 90 Hz Display Refresh Rate. Maintaining a vivid color and brightness to boot, the high refresh rate powers quick and uninterrupted graphics, which is exactly what you need when you’re the type of person to never waste a second. 

Ultra sleek, ultra chic 

Slim and light are the names of the game in this day and age. After all, no one wants to keep a heavy piece of metal in their pocket during a night out with friends. Life moves fast, and you can’t have anything weighing you down. vivo caters to the modern person’s fast-paced lifestyle, while still looking sleek and stylish at every turn, which is why the V21 Series comes with an Ultra Slim Design that makes it thinner than a pen and just as light. With dimensions like that, it fits perfectly in any bag, purse, or pocket, making it the most ideal companion for your most precious moments.

For more information on the V21 Series, make sure to visit vivo at their official website or follow them at their Facebook page for the latest updates. The V21 Series is now available in all vivo stores nationwide, as well as through vivo’s official e-commerce outlets in Lazada and Shopee