The Unwavering Determination of Kamille Zulueta

The Unwavering Determination of Kamille Zulueta

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Kamille Zulueta unravels the secret of her outstanding career as a young entrepreneur

What makes an empowered woman? It’s a question that most women would ask each other as they try to dissect what it means to be a woman of today. Some would often go for an answer of beauty and intelligence, while others would mention the confidence one possesses as they walk through their life. And while these answers are not entirely wrong, there are many attributes that contribute to one being empowered in this generation. 

Kamille Zulueta wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Matte Lipstick in the shade Kindness
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It goes beyond the physical and the charisma of an individual—it’s a culmination of all the things they surround themselves with in order to be who they are today, and we get to see this happen as Kamille Zulueta, who was seen donning a YOU Beauty Rouge Matte Lipstick in the shade Kindness, revealed to us how she became the woman behind esteemed women’s footwear brand Milli Label and hit brick oven pizza restaurant called Pizzulu. 

Her safe haven

The young entrepreneur wasn’t new to the world of business and fashion. Being in a close knit family with four sisters, it’s safe to say that they all shared the same heart when it came to their career. Her sister Kat opened her own label that offers party dresses and gowns, while Kim ventured into beachside essentials with her line of swimsuits and resort wear. So for Kamille, it was no surprise to pursue a similar path when she opened her first business when she was only 22 years old.

Kamille Zulueta wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Matte Lipstick in the shade Kindness

Though the competition is quite high in the local scene, it didn’t deter Kamille from continuing with her business just a year after completing her college degree. She admitted, “I remember it was nerve wracking, but mostly exciting at the same time.” And with her own grit, she opened her eyes further when she started to dive into the world of business and marketing by reading books, asking advice from family and fellow brand owners, and researching the vast market and competition she’s getting into. Kamille continued to gain more understanding before taking on the challenge, making her a woman that has such unwavering perseverance. 

“I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power. The more you know, the more confident you become.”

At just 26 years old, Kamille was able to launch an emerging brand, as well as opening her first restaurant in Forbestown, BGC along with her sisters. The venture launched in late December of 2021, an impressive milestone in her career despite the troubles most had to face because of the pandemic. This goes to show the versatility of Kamille and the persistence she has regardless of the hurdles that are thrown in her way. 

The rise of her enterprise

Behind the businesses she was able to put up, we just had to ask how she manages to oversee two contrasting and demanding brands. The secret to her leadership? She only keeps in mind two certain rules: “I always consider if the decision is aligned with the company’s overall goals, values, vision, and mission. Next, I think about how this decision would affect the people at stake, such as our customers and employees.” Kamille makes sure that there is a balance between what needs to be done, and that the people who stand beside her in the business are well taken care of. 

Kamille Zulueta wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Matte Lipstick in the shade Kindness
YOU Beauty Rouge Power Matte Lip Cream in Kindness

“Every decision has pros and cons, risks and rewards. Making the right decision always involves a sense of responsibility.”

Though she already has two businesses under her belt, Kamille expressed that she won’t close any doors for the next opportunity, if another one ever arises. But she proved to be a woman of many interests when she admitted that she once dreamt of becoming an interior designer. Though her focus is to expand both businesses, she said, “I’m not closing my doors on that dream yet. I feel like I’m still young and I may still pursue that in the future.” We can only applaud her as she makes her presence known in various industries, showing that there is no such thing as unachievable if you truly put your mind to it. 

It is no secret that making the first move to having your own business entails criticism, doubts, and pressure, but these moments will make and break you for the better as time goes on. It’s a sentiment that Kamille resonates with when she expressed how having your own discipline can catapult you to the next stage of your career. She emphasized the weight of having courage when she shared, “My advice to a young woman starting her own business is to believe in your idea and vision regardless of what other people say about it.” And as you continue to accomplish your goals, she reminds everyone to find the balance between the work you put out and the time you need to have for yourself. “Enjoy the journey, stay humble, stay hungry for improvement but most of all, always make time for yourself and have fun.”

Kamille Zulueta wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Matte Lipstick in the shade Kindness

So what makes an empowered woman? Though the question may be subjective, Kamille goes back to the start of it all—her purpose. Behind the ever-changing fashion trends and the busy kitchen in her restaurant, she would often remind herself that her drive stems from the idea to inspire young women and men out there—that once they combine the courage and purpose they have in their life, they can do it themselves and turn their dreams into reality. 

“I feel humbled, empowered, and even more motivated to do my best and to give my all. I love being a woman and I’m proud to be a woman in business.”

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