Revelations And Milestones: This Is The Unfolding Of MEGA ENT

Setting forth a new destination for credible celebrity insiders, MEGA Entertainment or MEGA ENT is officially landing a spot as one of One Mega Group’s acclaimed titles.

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Hear ye, hear ye: MEGA is set to introduce a revamped entertainment title—MEGA Entertainment a.k.a. MEGA ENT, which was previously known as Inside Showbiz, the source of left and right celebrity piping hot topics. As we enter a highly confidential door to the lives of the most popular, most followed and most in-demand, MEGA Entertainment seeks to exhibit the other side of the celebrities, laid flat and detailed on our glossy pages and on Inside Showbiz‘ former website. Meaning, MEGA ENT is diving deeper to the once concealed stories of our favorite stars. 

From unforeseen relationship confessions to newlywed couples, home and travel invasions to personal milestones, MEGA ENT is unveiling the lives of the hottest and trending personalities beyond what the camera can reach. Letting you in on their private lives, this re-imagined entertainment space also serves as a purpose of documenting milestones and special occasions of our esteemed personalities, making us feel how we can be part of their success stories. Imagine, it’s as you are sitting with the stars themselves, where we will be capturing their emotions and present a more introspective and intimate storytelling, which MEGA was known for ever since. This time, however, we share you stories that our subject has personally chosen to disclose to MEGA ENT exclusively. Getting more up close and personal with our beloved galaxy of stars and constellations of celebrities, MEGA ENT crosses the platform for MEGA Conversations. 

Without a hitch, the latest and thrilling celebrity stories are coming your way and MEGA Entertainment will let you be the first one to find out, soon. Now, who will land the pages of this glossy new effort done the MEGA way? You’ll have to wait, but rest assured, it will well be worth it. So, stay tuned.

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