Tweak Your Skincare Routine to Achieve Youthful Skin in Your 40’s

Are you still following the skin care routine you’ve been using in your 20’s and 30’s? We hope not.

As you age, your skin starts to change in look and feel. Its ability to recover slows down and several skin aging concerns will start to speed up. These include age spots, dry skin, uneven skin tones, fine lines, and wrinkles. The color of your skin becomes dull and uneven, and its ability to maintain its elasticity, fullness, and plumpness is greatly reduced. These are the frustrations of a forty year-old that standard skincare routines can’t fix. But dreams for youthful skin doesn’t have to end at that.

Now, before you start tossing your skincare products into the bin and start off in a clean slate, let us rethink your daily routine. Forget excessive product use–they’re not going to help you in this situation. Just a few routine tweaks here and there, and your skin will start looking and feeling better. Here are some steps to take note of in achieving youthful skin in your 40’s:

Rinsing after a skincare routine to achieve lasting youthful skin


While you still need natural oil to keep skin soft and plump, use gentle cleansers in your skincare to remove excess residue. Elements begin to gather on your skin after a long day outside or through makeup use, so you have to clean those up. Make sure to stray away from solutions that are targeted for pimples or zits–you’ll naturally have less breakout moments as you age because of decreased sebum production. 


As you age, dead skin cells aren’t replenished with fresh cells immediately. Exfoliating can remove these unwanted skin cells, but opt instead for soft, chemical-based treatments for youthful skin. Ditch physical exfoliants like scrubs made from nuts, stones, and plants as it makes the skin sag more from added stress. 

Skincare in front of a mirror


Low sebum production as you age means less breakout moments, but on the down side, it makes your skin more dry. Lock in skin moisture by applying an ample amount of moisturizer after your skincare every day. Make sure that you cleanse and exfoliate beforehand to avoid trapping bacteria and dead skin cells between your skin and the product.


Sun exposure has been labeled as the number one cause of premature skin aging. There’s even a term coined about its effects–photoaging. Prevention is key, moreso in tropical climates, so make it a habit to apply sunscreen daily, whether you are outdoors and indoors. One small step can help you gain the youthful skin you desire.

Wearing sunscreen can help maintain youthful skin

Skin supplement

Amid skincare products use on your skin, take a skin supplement to reverse the signs of aging from the inside. Once you reach your 40’s, your body’s ability to form beautifying agents and skin defense systems is challenged and slows down over time. The best solution is to take a skin supplement designed to build up those systems .

Myra Ultimate
Myra Ultimate comes in 8 and 30 capsule boxes to suit your needs

Luckily, there is Myra Ultimate with astaxanthin, a breakthrough anti-aging beauty based on pigments called carotenoids from microalgae. One of the celebrities who raves about Myra Ultimate is Sunshine Cruz who never fails to take a dose of this anti-aging beauty supplement everyday. Once you take a look at her skin, it shows youthful radiance.

Myra Ultimate helps reduce fine lines and lighten dark spots by promoting the formation of collagen to keep your skin firm and youthful as you age. It also has vitamin E and lycopene which are powerful antioxidants great for skin health.

Beat the signs of skin aging gracefully by upgrading your skin care routine—applying topicals is not enough—and add a dose of 1-2 capsules of Myra Ultimate every night to achieve ultimately beautiful skin in your 40’s.

Myra Ultimate costs P20 SRP per capsule and is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. Visit the Myra website for more information.

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