The Rise of “Cartoonification” in the World of Fashion

The Rise of “Cartoonification” in the World of Fashion

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Appearing everywhere from runway shows to capsule collections, the “cartoonification” trend is becoming an increasingly noticeable fashion phenomenon

Everyone enjoys reminiscing about the carefree days of their youth every once in a while, but who would have thought that this sentiment would one day be reflected in the fashion scene? We’ve already brought back the look of the ’90s and ’00s, and now it appears that our favorite shows and cartoon characters from our youth are making a comeback in an odd sense. From a line inspired by a popular video game to a footwear based on a well-known cartoon character, the “cartoonification” of fashion is becoming more visible.

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Fashion Cartoonification
Photo Credit: @mschfsneakers (via Instagram)

This fun and vibrant fashion trend simply takes its cues from a variety of popular children’s media, such as cartoons and comic books. In every way, this season’s most prominent style departs dramatically from the minimalist fashion approach. From its size, silhouette, and color, this trend is the perfect epitome of extra. 

Fashion Cartoonification - Big Red Boots by MSCHF
Photo Credit: @mschfsneakers (via Instagram)

Several individuals saw comparisons between these MSCHF boots and the ones worn by Astro Boy and Boots in Dora the Explorer, and soon, word about the MSCHF’s creation spread like wildfire throughout the Internet. Despite the fact that a lot of people made fun of it, the Big Red Boots sold out immediately after its release, and several celebrities have been seen wearing it over the past few weeks.

Fashion Cartoonification - Shoes by Red Wing Shoes
Photo Credit: @redwingshoes (via Instagram)

Following in the footsteps of the iconic Big Red Boot, Mario’s Boots is gearing up to make its debut in the animated fashion industry. In honor of Mario’s big screen debut in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Red Wing Shoes designed these special kicks. To convey the image of a super plumber, the prototype is made of all-natural leather with slip-resistant treads. Although the company did not confirm whether or not it would be produced on a large scale, many delighted fans felt a sense of nostalgia upon seeing these boots.

Fashion Cartoonification - worn by Sam Smith
Photo Credit: @samsmith (via Instagram)

The attire Sam Smith wore to the most recent Brit Awards likewise looked like it was plucked straight from a vintage children’s cartoon. The broad silhouette, puffed pectorals, inflated peaked shoulders, and ballooning legs that resembled two love-hearts gave this appearance a thrilling and playful vibe.

Teletubbies Collection by Christian Cowan - Fashion Cartoonification of Boots
Photo Credit: @christiancowan (via Instagram)

Christian Cowan’s Teletubbies Collection is the most recent addition to this style movement. Aside from the tees, denim jackets, sweatshirts, and jeans that are part of this collection, Cowan also brought this cartoonish pair of green boots to life. The top portion of the boots was lined with green fleece, while the inner was made of chrome green leather, complete with a set of face, ears, and hands.

Fashion Cartoonification of Jacket worn by ASAP Rocky
Photo Credit: @rockyxrih (via Instagram)

It’s too early to tell whether this trend has the potential to become the standard in fashion, but given how quickly this has spread, it wouldn’t be shocking if more designers will be inspired to make items with cartoon influences. Nonetheless, this fad will serve as a reminder that nothing is permanent in the ever-evolving world of fashion. Designers will forever be on the lookout for new ways to transform an absurd idea into something stylish and fashionable.

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