The Newest Blackpink Beauty Trends From Lovesick Girls
The Newest Blackpink Beauty Trends From Lovesick Girls

The Newest Blackpink Beauty Trends From Lovesick Girls

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Blackpink has just released their newest music video, Lovesick Girls. And we’ve spotted the five beauty trends that we reckon will take over the internet.

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Blackpink is the revolution–and there’s no doubt about that. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé have been setting trends and pushing boundaries since their debut in 2016, but is their newest music video, Lovesick Girls, their riskiest song yet? For four years now, Blackpink’s branding has been synonymous to confidence and edginess. Despite this, their newest power ballad shows a vulnerable side that we are only starting to see now. Which is why, Lovesick Girls‘ beauty looks showcases a toned down vision of Blackpink with the same hard-hitting impact.

On the height of their last comeback, How You Like That, many have decided to recreate the Jennie Kim highlights. Then, suddenly, the internet was filled with chunky blonde, face-framing highlights. Now that they’ve released their newest music video, we are anticipating the possible trends that will take over the internet, ala Blackpink style.

Bangs Are Back

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Jennie is back at it again with a new hair cut. She’s still sporting the Y2K trend, but this time she has opted for a wispy fringe and layered shoulder-length hair. This haircut is uber trendy with inspiration from 2000s queens Mariah Carey and Drew Barrymore.

The Wet Look

The visual of the group, Jisoo, had the most beauty layouts in the music video. Nonetheless, with each shot she delivered. The “wet look” has been around for sometime, but after this Jisoo moment, it’s been cemented into our hall of fame.

Peek-a-boo Highlights

Lisa Manoban is a hair chameleon. She has sported braids, platinum blonde hair, bright orange hair, short hair, long hair, and everything in between. However, we’re really loving this new hair style in particular. It’s recreatable and oh-so chic.

Purple Eyeshadow

Many may have overlooked this Jisoo look because it was only used in one scene. Nevertheless, the potential for a monochromatic eyeshadow look to have a moment is way up there.

Bright Pink Lips

Rosé’s storyline in the music video gave us the most drama. Despite this, her make-up stayed the same to give emphasis to her character’s story. The feature that stood out the most in her look was the bright pink lips that gave a playful nod to runway make-up.