The New Normal Armor: Find Out How Your New Daily Clothing Can Sanitize Itself

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Our new normal routine consists of specific steps: Wear a mask and facial shield, have sanitizing alcohol at all times, and always wash your clothes and hop in the shower after going out. But what if your clothes, can be an armor itself, and protect you from the virus?

It’s already hard enough to constantly worry about getting the virus when we need to step outside of our homes. What makes it more difficult is making sure to not bring it back home and put our families at risk. As the quarantine restrictions are becoming more lenient, we have the social responsibility to keep ourselves healthy to avoid the risk of spreading the virus. This has evidently been put in place by many businesses and brands through employing proper safety measures and investing in high technology to adjust to the new normal.

Contemporary womenswear fashion label, YOYA, shows us with their latest collection “Armored Awakenings” that fashion is prioritizing safety and sanitation as well. In collaboration with Swedish garment technology firm, Polygiene, they carefully treated each piece with their ViralOff antimicrobial finish that reduces viruses by 99%* in two hours. Not only does it fully clean each piece, but the AntiViral Fabric technology also helps extend the life cycle of the garment by requiring less constant washing. Not only creating an armor for the new normal, but a sustainable one as well. 

Yoya, along with premier multi-brand clothing retailer, Comme Çi, launches its first online event series #CommeCiConnects. The series focuses on braving the new normal with a purpose. It focuses on the importance of self-care but bringing back the intimacy of a unified community through livable fashion.


In their event entitled, Brave New Luxe: A Fashion Presentation of the Newest in Personal Protective Tech, Yoya shares her five favorite pieces highlighting garments made with raw and all-natural copper fabric and mini pleats in subdued hues of black, rust and beige. The versatility of each piece is a step further to the trend of elevated loungewear, perfect for both days at home and special occasions.

Hosted by Dara Roa commonly know as Collab Contessa, she speaks with Yoya Gueco, creative director of Yoya, on the milestone of being the first to create protective clothing in the country. Yoya shares that the everyday armor represents the commitment of the local fashion industry towards creating creative and innovative fashion solutions to help the public get through these tough times.

Yoya’s latest capsule collection, Armored Awakenings, is exclusively available at Comme Çi online and in-store from October 22 to 31, 2020. Visit them at the R2 Level Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati, or their website: