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The New Mood Continues As It Chases The Holiday Blues Away With New Designer Collabs

The New Mood Continues As It Chases The Holiday Blues Away With New Designer Collabs

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Christmas is fast approaching, and nothing can stop Filipinos from celebrating the holiday. Despite what is going on, it’s time to bring out the decorations and start picking out the outfit for a little bit of joy. Here’s where to get the holiday collections from your favorite designers.

When in the Philippines, you can expect to hear the bells jingling and the Christmas lights glistening by the time the -ber months start rolling in. There’s no other country that prepares for the holiday the way we do. Traditions of setting-up the Christmas tree, Simbang Gabi, and preparing a feast for Noche Buena is all part of the experience.

Now, nearly the whole of 2020 has been spent confined at our homes, which brought the worry that the holiday won’t be the same this year. However, Christmas is all about being grateful and appreciating a renewed lease on life. The year’s holiday will surely be different, but the gift of an intimate gathering with our loved ones, virtually or physically, can instill the Christmas spirit that we all have come to love and cherish.

The online marketplace for designer ready-to-wear pieces, New Mood, takes inspiration from the true spirit of Christmas with the theme, Celebrations, for their Holiday 2020 Collections. Commending the talents of our local fashion designers and their creative vision to help us make the celebration at home worth it, New Mood serves as the platform where we can have easy access to their pieces to support local craftsmanship and to have the solution for our holiday outfit.

Here are the seven talented Filipino designers that have created collections to complete our holiday checklist:




The young designer is an expert when it comes to the powerful attraction of being dressed in all black. So, there’s no question why he wouldn’t bring the same luxe and timeless appeal to his holiday collection. Although this time, he gives a little more room to breathe in. Nick presents two five-piece capsule collections namely, the Lounge line and the Evening Basics, that are both made with charmeuse and wool fabrics.

With the classic tuxedo as his main inspiration for the collection, he adds a feminine touch to the staple’s structured and custom-fitted construction. The result, a flexible and softer “blazer robe” that has the same appeal of a power suit and a calmness of the comfort in one’s skin.

Nick states that this holiday, it’s all about taking a deep breath and enjoying the smooth touch of silk in and outside of the bedroom. “It’s all about mixing and matching versatile comfortable pieces to your liking—staple wardrobe pieces that can go from boudoir to a little fête,” he says.




A woman who always looks at the bigger picture, Hindy Weber is a designer who values luxury fashion as trendless and sustainable. A leader in the country’s industry to strive towards a more ecological and ethical fashion approach, creates her holiday line to represent her over-all vision. The 10 style-collection is free from wasteful processes with natural and biodegradable pieces that are versatile.

“I am designing for the highly intelligent and self-assured person who wishes to enhance their everyday lives with luxurious sensibility. They know who they are. They have nothing to prove. And they care about how every decision they make can affect everyone else and the planet,” she shares. Her signature piece is a batwing kimono that can be worn as a dress or a coat or thrown over a swimsuit.

With a color palette of Moss, Oat, Faded Denim for the line, the collection contradicts the common conception that the holidays are all about the glitz and glamour. Instead, she displays a collection that cleanses the palate as the month also means the closing of the year—and don’t we all need a clean slate from 2020.




The established designer celebrates the natural in his collection which both men and women can enjoy. This year has shown us that the reason why we still wear lipstick behind the mask or dress-up to only stay at home is because we do what we do for ourselves and nobody else.

Loose shapes and relaxed silhouettes made from natural fabrics cover the collection of Rhett Eala. He incorporates our obsession with linen and cotton for our the loungewear aesthetic with other special fabrics and mixes in different prints and colors to make it more elevated.

Eala zeroes in the familiar comfort that people see in clothes for his collection, “I’m designing for people who still want to look good but more dressed down. It’s not about dressing for others; rather, dressing for themselves [and] wanting to look good for themselves,” he explains.




The Cebu designer honors the modern Filipino fashionista who looks great even when strolling about the house barefoot with a glass of wine in hand. In his collection, the flowing and one-stop-shop pieces are for those who want to embody the je ne sais quoi appeal during the holiday season.

Known for his intricate formal wear, his collection shows a different side of him through the classic soothing tones and a casual silhouette. The fluid and lightweight fabrics with graceful structures are faultless as it can be presentable for online meetings but is comfortable enough for reading a book on the couch. 




Taking inspiration from his mother, Randy Ortiz makes a fusion of bright striking colors and draping dresses work in his “dress down, dress up” collection. He shares that co-existing is key these days, which motivated him to create the line. “Most people stay and work from home and even-though times are tough, we need to coexist with the existing situation—and still look good,” he says. 

Loungewear is an aesthetic that we did not realize that classic Filipina moms are an expert at. Wearing floral loose dresses and pair or pearls was a staple for everyday wear to be ready to entertain any guests at home at any time. With Ortiz’s collection, he takes a modern spin on the look with free-size dresses and multipurpose shrugs in cotton, linen, and rayon jersey. The clean, relaxed and fun collection will surely match the mood of this year’s holiday season. 



For the new normal fashionistas, Rosanna Ocampo designs a seven-piece collection that features colorful fun elements. She stays true with her brand by expanding the design of her bestseller pieces such as her signature laser-cut pompoms, detailed straps, and floral motif tops. “These pieces you should be able to throw on without too much thought, and the design does all the talking for you,” Ocampo shares.

She has worked with the same artisan community in Antipolo for over 12 years and aims to pass down this heritage to their next of kin.

Celebrating for the designer means cherishing the joy that can be found in milestones and little moments. This transpires through her collection as she conveys the story of a modern Filipina who is confident, comfortable, and unafraid to show her true colors.




Taking inspiration from nature itself, Armoured Awakening by designer Yoya is filled with an array of florals with a contrast of stripes and spinoffs from her previous bestsellers. New fabrics were incorporated, along with neon bright hues to represent the survivalist story of flora and fauna. “We have been in such somber moods lately, and a splash of life will surely lift your mood,” she says.

The designer also takes in consideration the need for safety which why her three-piece statement top, trousers, and matching mask uses Polygiene ViralOff antiviral treatment technology, a Swedish technology used to treat medical scrubs, face masks, and gloves as a protective measure.

All pieces will be made available at and follow The New Mood on Instagram for more updates on future collaborations and releases.