The Natural Solution To The Filipina Beauty Concern You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

Dark underarms and discoloration are a common concern for Filipinas and there’s nothing wrong with that.  One Earth Organics shows the natural solution for it without the added judgement. 

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Filipino beauty has come a long way, but it’s been a tough road, to say the least. Eurocentric beauty standards were prevalent in the country. Long straight hair with whiter skin tone is the definition of “beautiful” while any common Filipina skincare problems were something to be insecure off. This brought the rise of harmful products, chemicals, and treatments so you can look as different from what you naturally are. This feeds into a self-hating cycle as we try to achieve what was and isn’t supposed to be the norm.  It’s also harder to seek proper help which can lead into ways that do more harm than good.

Local brands have then emerged to fight these so-called beauty standards to help Filipinas be proud of the way they look. By providing solutions to common beauty concerns that are safer and don’t shame you for having them. Local brand One Earth Organics stands by this and creates an open conversation for Filipinas to share their beauty problems. Tyffanie Short, founder of the brand is a self-made woman who started in the industry selling beauty facial sets. Having sensitive skin herself, she was pushed to look for organic counterparts to the sets  and by collaborating with her friend on the idea of opening their own natural beauty line, the brand was formed.

The brand then fought to keep its company alive despite the pandemic. They supported all their franchisees and employees through it all. Tyff Short continues to go above and beyond to help Filipino women and even widens business opportunities for OFWs by being open to franchising. Although there is one requirement according to Short. To be a franchisee, one must not only sell the products but also truly believe in its mission. “It’s not just about having sales skills. It’s about being an advocate and carrying the brand.”

The Most Common Filipina Beauty Concern

One that isn’t as talked about, but most women deal with is dark underarms and discoloration in other areas of the body. Constant plucking, waxing, and shaving can attribute to this. Not to mention it’s common due to our genetics and hormones. It’s a sensitive part of our body and especially with our humid weather as well it needs tailor-fit care. 

Short deals with this kind of insecurity as well. She shares how she related to her customers when she first started selling their underarm products. “People would always be shy to talk about insecurities, especially their underarms,” Short says, “they wouldn’t admit that they have dark underarms. We were selling the underarm therapy set as if secretly. They wouldn’t buy it on the spot.” 

This pushed her into forming her brand into a safe space where Filipinas can openly admit their problem areas. This then helps them get the best option to solve it.  “I will always be proud to say that One Earth Organics is the safe avenue to talk about a woman’s insecurity. 

The Natural and Affordable Remedy

Underarm treatments are expensive and not everyone can afford the upkeep it needs. Everyone however can experience dark underarms, thigh burn, and problematic bikini areas.

Their flagship product is the underarm therapy set that naturally improves and brightens the state of your underarms. Using organic ingredients and powerful antioxidants it controls underarm sweat and odor while brightening it with a fast-dry formula. The brand is also an all-organic line that is even safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. Short is vigilant about constantly researching plant-based ingredients for her products. 

Their products are clean, organic, and multi-functional without being too costly. They made sure they are affordable in terms of the results they deliver. “Many people want to use organic and natural, but at the same time get the results, be able to afford it, and experience no side effects.”  

A brand with a purpose, One Earth Organics believes that any Filipina beauty concern should be talked about with no judgment and no embarrassment.

To know more about One Earth Organics and their products, check their website where you can also sign up to be a franchisee.

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