The Good Influence: Five Influencers Who Have Been Advocating For A Cause

Has the internet been getting a bit discouraging? Bring back positivity in to your life by following these influencers.

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The internet is not a safe place. In the past few weeks, social media platforms have been used for quick accusations, exploitive scandals, and unapologetic commercialism. As we grow attached to our screens, we realize that there’s a fine line between staying informed and keeping sane. The solution to this modern dilemma is through finding better idols. This is why we are using our platform to recognize influencers who have been doing their part in educating their audience in an informed and respectful way. Let’s bring back positivity and hope for 2021 by catching the good vibes of these five influencers.

Aya Fernandez – @ayafernandez_
Advocacy: Saving the earth through Project Lily PH

This up and coming star is not only a Star Magic Artist and a Myx VJ, but also the founder of a non-profit organization named Project Lily. Aya Fernandez started her advocacy in hopes to provide PWDs with livelihoods through the creation of ECO-ULING. Since 2017, her NGO has received much praise and has even received the title of Go Negosyo 2018 Awardee.

Er Salazar – @eriannesalazar
Advocacy: Mental health awareness and body positivity

Spiritual and mental healing is just as important as physical healing. This is what influencer and healer, Er Salazar, advocates for on her socials. On top of that, she would sometimes share her stories on weight loss and embracing ones figure. You can look in to her Instagram for positive card readings and best practices for spiritual healing.

Frances Beltran – @frances.beltran
Advocacy: Support local craftsmanship and designers

Influencers work because they have the ability to persuade us in to purchasing. Some of us would consider it as the modern day budol. If you’re ever in the mood to spend, then spend to support the economy. Take inspiration from Frances Beltran. The young writer constantly shares new local finds to her Instagram and brings awareness to up and coming designers.

Phoebe Fructuoso – @phoebefrux
Advocacy: Ending rape culture and justice for sexual harassment victims

As a victim of sexual harassment, Phoebe Fructuoso takes it upon herself to inform and educate her audience about the dangers of gender-based violence. She has created multiple videos of hope, positivity, and empowerment for those who have had trouble facing the trauma of being sexually harassed. Look into Phoebe’s socials for a daily dose of empowerment and TikTok dances.

Angel Quilang – @morenachiq
Advocacy: Following your dreams while fulfilling your passion

Angel Quilang is living proof that professionals can still live out their passions. As a nurse, Angel spends most of her time with her patients in the hospital. Although, that doesn’t mean that she has given up her love for content creation. She leads through example by showing her followers that hard work and determination can bring you the best of both worlds.

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