Power Trio: Meet The Glam Teams Behind Our Top Filipino Celebrities

Power Trio: Meet The Glam Teams Behind Our Top Filipino Celebrities

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Craving behind-the-scenes coverage and how-tos on celebrity beauty looks? Here are the makeup artists and hairstylists you need to follow. 

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Comprising two-thirds of the team that launch the trends in the beauty business or a red-carpet look that will be referenced in the years to come, a star’s glam team is equally as important as the muse that fronts the final look. From the hairstylist that makes cascading locks look effortless to the makeup artist that brings out a glow from within, these beauty professionals collaborate to make sure that every little detail is camera-ready.  Today, they hold even more power than before as more people want to see the work that goes behind every look and trust their expert opinion on which products in the market are the best.

So, if you’re looking for ways to recreate the beauty looks of our favorite local celebrities, here are the glam teams to follow:

Robbie Pinera + Raymond Santiago

Muse: Anne Curtis

Signature Look: Natural Glam and Long Locks

When it comes to looking naturally gorgeous, Anne Curtis has had Robbie Pinera and Raymond Santiago on speed dial for years now. Pinera usually goes for pretty in pink makeup to match Curtis’ feminine features but don’t be fooled because they’re one of the most versatile glam teams out there, acing a bold lip or colorful eye when needed.

While Raymond Santiago is the hair king when it comes to making an iconic hair flip look natural. He adds the right amount of volume and length to make it look like Curtis has never had a bad hair day.

Mickey See + Renz Pangilinan

Muse: Liza Soberano

Signature Look: Bronze Glow and Versatile Lobs

Liza Soberano beauty looks doesn’t go unnoticed and behind it are Mickey See and Renz Pangilinan working their magic. See is a favorite by many A-list celebs but he and Soberano have a special bond as he is also a Ninong to the actress. Their go-to look is a lit-from-within glow and sultry eyes.

Soberano has been sporting a short-do for quite some time now but even so, you can trust Pangilinan to make the most out of it. May it be adding blunt bangs, texture, or straightening it all down for an edgier appeal, the hairstylist proves that there are many ways to wear a lob.

Jelly Eugenio + Brent Sales

Muse: Catriona Gray

Signature Look: Feline Eyes and Statement Hair

The queen of beauty wouldn’t be here today without her powerhouse squad helping her get there. Since her pageantry days, Jelly Eugenio and Brent Sales been by her side to elevate her look. Eugenio who has become a trendsetter himself, is unafraid to experiment with makeup but you can always bet that their signature cat-eye will always be present.

One of the pillars of local hair industry, Sales is responsible for Catriona Gray’s trademark side-swept hair. But beyond pageantry glam, the veteran also compliments Eugenio’s style with statement hair such as an up-do with a layered fringe or a slicked back high-ponytail.