The Evolution Of Filipina Beauty Through The Eyes Of Ever Bilena
The Evolution Of Filipina Beauty Through The Eyes Of Ever Bilena

The Evolution Of Filipina Beauty Through The Eyes Of Ever Bilena

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Journey with Bb. Honey Cartasano and Bb. Patrizia Garcia to uncover the evolution of Filipina beauty through the eyes of Ever Bilena.

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1983 was both a momentous and tumultuous time for the Philippines. For the burgeoning beauty industry, a small event occurred that would forever change its course: Ever Bilena was founded by Dioceldo Sy, a freelance trader who had big dreams for the local cosmetics industry. Like many businesses, Ever Bilena had its fair share of challenges, but Dioceldo persisted, and his determination resulted in Ever Bilena becoming a market leader in the Philippine beauty industry. Now, all 1,800 employees of the company enjoy success as they celebrate 38 years of Ever Bilena.

COLOR FANTASY – The 80s were all about big, bold colors. Patrizia pairs the decade’s iconic blue eye shadow with fierce lips and cheeks. Try the EVER BILENA Advance Shadow Stick in Sapphire. Meanwhile, Honey is a stunning vision of the future. Cop her colorful look with the EVER BILENA Advance Vinyl Lip Gloss.

(On Honey) Oversized metallic suit by YVES CAMINGUE and earrings by KATAW CLOTHING; (On Patrizia) Sashed and sequined cocktail dress by NATHANIEL MAGSAKAY and earrings by KATAW CLOTHING

How does the beauty brand stay relevant throughout the years? The answer is quite simple. Ever Bilena has stayed at the top of their game for over three decades because they are unafraid of change. They are true chameleons of the beauty industry, adapting to the tastes and preferences of the Filipino woman. To celebrate their anniversary, MEGA takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane with Miss Ever Bilena Advance Bb. Honey Cartasano and Miss Blackwater Bb. Patrizia Garcia, paragons of the ever-changing face of Filipina beauty.

The Past to The Present
The past breathes life into who we are today. Today’s trends were either inspired by or a reaction to the previous era’s style. The love for bright color and fierce looks harks back to the bigger-is-better craze of the ’80s, while the dark and sultry earthy palette is reminiscent of the ’90s supermodel ideals. Women today take what they want from an era and dress it up, make it their own. To help them, Ever Bilena offers a wide variety of cosmetics at affordable price points.

EYE CONTACT – A fierce eye look makes one stand out. Balance it with a neutral shade or a natural base. Honey uses EVER BILENA Advance Shadow Stick in Bronze to ground her teal liner, while Patrizia uses EVER BILENA All Day Liquid Foundation in Silk to be used as an eyeshadow base.

Honey echoes this sentiment, sharing her own experiences experimenting with Ever Bilena makeup when she was growing up. “When I was younger, I used to love making my eyelashes look longer and thicker. So, I would apply Ever Bilena’s mascara. After that I would use the Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil in brown to make my brows thicker naman. Back then, I felt extra pretty na just wearing those two products,” she says.

Patrizia, meanwhile, shares why timeless makeup products, such as the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick and the Ever Bilena Advance Lip and Cheek stain have become beauty staples for many women over the years. “Cheek tints have always been the go-to makeup that you’ll find in my bag and it’s one of the products that Ever Bilena had in its collection from the beginning—from a simple liquid lip and cheek stain to power paint! [I] super love how it gives me that ‘no makeup look’ whether I’d be at work or the beach.”

PAST PERFECT – The trends of the past speak to present styles and future creations. Patrizia shines in a glitzy 80s power look using the EVER BILENA Advance Power Paint in Scarlet and the EVER BILENA Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick in Hotel Heiress. Honey gives us a peek in to the future by wearing the EVER BILENA Advance Glow Out Highlighter in Candlelight and the EVER BILENA Advance Lip & Cheek Stain in Fresh Fig.

The Present to The Future
The events that unfolded during the pandemic created an uncertain vision of the future. No doubt many are asking themselves what will happen in the future of beauty. Will it be an explosion of creative expression or will it be more minimalist? Now that we are at the crossroads of beauty, we have the opportunity to experiment with what we have. The choice is yours: will you to go wild with colors using the Ever Bilena Advance Power Paint or to go neutral with the Kris Matte Liquid Lipstick?

DARK AND STORMY – The 90s and 2000s used an earthy palette and lots of eye liner. Honey’s daytime smoky eye is kept modern through the fresh finish of her EVER BILENA Matte Two Way Cake in Fair Oriental and the sultry mix of EVER BILENA Matte Lipstick in Mirrored Mocha.

(On Honey) Feathered tube top and velvet pants by CHRIS NICK; (On Patrizia) Sequined cut out cocktail dress by DENESSE RAMIREZ.

While they both love taking on personas from different time periods, both Patrizia and Honey stay true to themselves. Empowered and in control of their lives, their true beauty and personalities shone through the different looks they donned. Through her confident poses and standout looks, Patrizia shows us the beauty of an empowered woman. When she’s not busy training for Binibining Pilipinas, Patrizia is pursuing her master’s degree. She hopes to show women that they can take on many passions—and look good doing them all. Equally determined and exceptional, Honey Cartasano, is known for her encouraging spirit through the many feeding programs she has involved herself in. She shows us that being a well-rounded person means caring about other people, especially in times of great need. Both women brought their energy and spirit with them during their shoot, making it possible to create a genuine story of beauty’s power.

READY TO PARTY – Bring the attention to your lips during your next virtual party. Honey’s lips are topped off with the EVER BILENA Advance Vinyl Lip Gloss, while Patrizia keeps her lips matte with the EVER BILENA Kris Matte Matic Lipstick in Loyal and Let Go
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The Future to Forever
The future is a very exciting place for the beauty industry. Who can say what will trend next? After a run through the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, there’s no telling where the future will take us. One thing’s for sure: we can trust Ever Bilena to provide us with the beauty tools we need to express ourselves. No matter where the future may lead us, we can always rely on the strong women figures who have shaped our past, present, and future. Both Bb. Honey Cartasano and Bb. Patrizia Garcia embody this idea. “I can see that the next generation will be more confident in their own skin and features by accentuating them rather than concealing,” says Honey.

“Beauty means authenticity, something that emanates from within,” says Patrizia. “More than physicality and perfection of aesthetics, the standard that remains when beauty is redefined is elegance. A Filipina beauty for me is fragile but is empowered with grace.”

QUEENLY BEHAVIOR – These sexy looks are totally winning. The key to a regal look is a strong brow. Get it with EVER BILENA Advance Fine Line Brow Liner in Brooke.

When asked about the evolution of beauty, the two had similarly powerful answers. “As time goes by, we become more creative and experimental in terms of beauty and makeup,” says Honey. “Nowadays, many people are more comfortable expressing themselves through the use of it. The evolution of beauty has become more diverse and powerful!”

Patrizia is in agreement.”Evolution of beauty is art,” she says. “There’s no definite form because beauty itself is a matter of perspective.”

The evolution of beauty takes no shape or form. It is influential, yet completely unpredictable. We will never know which trends will come out next, but we are sure that there will be one beauty brand supporting our dreams and our needs. As Ever Bilena has been with us for 38 years, we can expect them to continue on.

Photographed by RXANDY CAPINPIN
Creative Direction by NICOLE ALMERO
Art Direction by JANN PASCUA
Makeup for Honey Cartasano by RAFFY SO assisted by PAM CARREON
Makeup for Patrizia Garcia by MURIEL VEGA-PERES assisted by ERIKA EILEEN GLENDRO
Hair for Honey Cartasano by ARJAY ZURITA JR.
Hair for Patrizia Garcia by JOSEPH FONTANE assisted by DESIRE DESPI
Videography by KIERAN PUNAY
Shoot Coordination by PATRICIA RAMOS
Sittings Editor MIKA REYES