The Biggest Beauty Moments of the 71st Miss Universe
The Biggest Beauty Moments of the 71st Miss Universe

The Biggest Beauty Moments of the 71st Miss Universe

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From the renaissance of side partings and classic hair buns to decade-defining brown lipsticks and rouge shades, we listed the most memorable beauty details in the competition

The most beautiful day in the universe has already come and gone. In translation, it was the most-awaited day for pageant fans to witness more than 80 strong contenders compete for the coveted Miss Universe 2023 title. While all delegates exhibited authenticity, intelligence, credibility, advocacy, and grace, the show was also teeming with fashion and beauty moments that were on a pedestal of their own.

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It began with Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray who donned a polished makeup format and a braided high ponytail. It was the perfect complement to her yellow gown designed by Julianne Syjuco and styled by Myrrh Lao To, providing a new inspiration in the beauty department. In addition to memorable takes were several iterations of a classic glam look as seen on Olivia Culpo, Jeannie Mai Jenkins, and Zuri Hall. It was also a big night for rouge lipsticks as it reclaimed its title as the winning shade of the year. 

Photo Credit: @mesmyrrhized (via Instagram)

And as most fans deal with the aftermath of a thrilling season of the competition, we look back at all the hair and makeup looks that caught our attention. From the renaissance of side partings and classic hair buns to decade-defining brown lipsticks and rouge shades, every detail perfectly expressed each delegate’s confidence. Below, we listed the most memorable beauty moments in the 71st Miss Universe. 

Miss USA’s winning rich rouge lip

Photo Credit: Dion Trinidad

Miss Universe 2023 R’Bonney Gabriel’s presence is hard to miss. In the evening gown competition, all eyes were on the Filipino-American beauty as she graced the stage wearing a sultry embellished gown designed by Filipino designer, Rian Fernandez. However, her winning rich rouge lip was undeniably a scene stealer as it was elegant and empowering—a shade that speaks for her personality. 

Miss Philippines’ alluring siren beauty 

Photo Credit: Dion Trinidad

Despite her short journey to the finals, Celeste gave pride to our country as she exemplified grace, intelligence, and determination throughout the competition. It’s also a given that the delegate emphasized the beauty in the word beauty queen. Dressed in a slitted and embellished sky-blue gown by Oliver Tolentino, the camera was able to capture Celeste’s mesmerizing siren beauty. 

Miss Guatemala’s Viva Magenta moment 

Photo Credit: Dion Trinidad

Miss Guatemala’s Viva Magenta look can’t be left unmentioned. At the start of the competition, Ivana Batchelor proudly represented her country wearing an embellished magenta dress. Her makeup was kept minimal, but her look was punctuated with a complementing bold lip shade. And in case anybody needs a masterclass on how to wear this year’s color, just take a cue from this delegate. 

Miss South Africa’s glazed donut skin 

Photo Credit: @missuniverse (via Instagram)

Miss South Africa is a true standout. In the competition, the delegate made a statement as she wore a piece with a meticulous pattern and plunging silhouette. Another detail that can’t be unnoticed is her glazed donut skin. Aside from her signature smoked-out eyes and brown lip shade, her radiant glow turned her into one of the beauty mavens of the competition. It was her moment to shine. 

Miss Australia’s supermodel-approved high pony 

Photo Credit: @lensman_ledd (via Instagram)

Of course, Miss Australia’s high ponytail is set to be an inspiration in the hair department. It was a retro twist to a classic updo. In fact, personalities like Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner have donned the same style, too. Last night, her side bangs perfectly framed her face, but at the same time, it still delivered a clean and polished look. 

Miss Spain’s old Hollywood glam tribute

Photo Credit: Dion Trinidad

Miss Spain’s beauty direction for the competition encapsulated a timeless glam format. The delegate made a case for deep-side hair partings. Only this time, she amped up the look with a set of mermaid-like curls. Her visage easily became a standout as she opted for a golden bronze, blush, and peach palette. Elsewhere, her glossed lips proved that the beauty trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

Miss Puerto Rico’s waist-length hair 

Miss Puerto Rico’s long, straight waist-length hair was absolutely a show-stopper. Rewind back to the competition, Ashley Cariño elegantly walked the stage donning an embellished gown inspired by her passion for astronomy. Meanwhile, her hair direction for the night perfectly complemented the look without dividing the attention. 

Miss Dominican Republic’s bombshell hair

Photo Credit: Dion Trinidad

Miss Dominican Republic was undeniably one of the strongest delegates in this year’s competition. It’s a given that Andreina Martínez Founier seamlessly showcased beauty, grace, and eloquence throughout the entire competition. As for her hair and makeup, the delegate revived the classic bombshell hair back to the competition. It’s an easy yet transformative style that worked wonders for her overall appeal. 

Miss Peru’s punchy red lipstick 

Photo Credit: @lensman_ledd (via Instagram)

It appears that a swipe of the right shade of red lipstick is a power move. Take Miss Peru, for example. As seen on the main stage, Alessia Rovegno wore a gorgeous bold lip color to punctuate her polished makeup format. The time-tested signature hue also transformed her overall appeal into something that was more powerful yet refined. 

Miss Colombia’s perfectly flushed look 

Photo Credit: @lensman_ledd (via Instagram)

The competition might have presented numerous iterations of polished makeup formats, classic rouges, and brown lip shades, but it didn’t stop Miss Colombia from experimenting with a pink color scheme. María Fernanda Aristizibal introduced a pageant version of an angelic makeup look that expertly straddled the line between elegance and ethereal. 

Featured Image from DION TRINIDAD

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