The Beauty Looks Explained: Andrea Brillantes’ MEGAStyle Cover

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Andrea Brillantes channels a different look for her newest MEGAStyle cover. She dons a pixie cut, graphic eyeliner, and so much more.

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Andrea Brillantes is a big star. There’s no doubt about that. She has amassed great fame from her well-received roles in television shows and movies. Because of this, Andrea has appeared on multiple advertisements across the Philippines and has gone through numerous photoshoots for it.

Andrea Brillantes debuts for MEGAStyle

Before taking on this project, we all did our research. We noticed that in the many years Andrea was in show business she has never done a shoot that was purely edgy and subversive.

Andrea Brillantes debuts for MEGAStyle

In some way, it was because she was younger then. Now that she’s finally eighteen, we aren’t holding back. We wanted to be the first to capture that side of her for our cover. That’s why we chose beauty looks that fit our concept for Blythe. We were a little skeptical about it at first, but with Andrea’s chameleon-like beauty we were more excited when we finally saw her in these looks.

Andrea, Blythe, Makeup, Eyeliner, Glitter, peg, direction, Andrea Brillantes

Cutting edge

For Andrea’s first look, we actually improvised our peg a bit to create a diverse set. We were supposed to start with tendrils laying on the face, but we decided to make the most out of Blythe’s new hair cut. Aside from this, the make up look was also changed in the last minute. Our make up artist, Raffy So, suggested to change the eye makeup to something Dua Lipa has done before. We liked his suggestion and told him to go for it.

“I really enjoyed the shoot because I got to share my ideas regarding the beauty direction. Overall, it was a really fun reunion shoot with Blythe!”

Raffy So, Makeup Artist

Andrea, Blythe, Makeup, Eyeliner, Glitter, peg, direction, Andrea Brillantes

Vinyl princess

We created the beauty deck for this photoshoot in very peculiar circumstances. Half of our MEGAStyle team was in Bohol (including me) a few days before the shoot. Thus, all the planning was done during our trip. We all had the same idea for the second beauty look, but we couldn’t find the perfect peg for the lips. We only found our chosen peg on the last day of the trip. A few details to take note of is the glitter on her underliner and the vinyl-like texture of her lips.

“Andrea is a super pro! A sweetheart on the make up chair, but on set she transforms into this supermodel fantasy! Working with her on this cover shoot was everything. She slayed every look that was given to her. I always love working with her on shoots.”

Mycke Arcano, Hair stylist