The 14-Day Breakdown Of The Aftercare Routine For Microbladed Brows
The Best 14-Day Aftercare Routine For Microbladed Brows

The Best 14-Day Aftercare Routine For Microbladed Brows

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Hear to calm our worries, Keighty Wong of Strokes Eye Beauty Studio tell us everything we need to know about the proper microblading aftercare routine.

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Microbladed brows are now loved by on-the-go women and men for its natural look and wash-wear benefit. Giving you that boost of confidence every day with no effort, the process of getting your ideal brows doesn’t end once your appointment is over, the secret to getting the most out of microblading all lies within the aftercare process. Responsible for some the best fleeks in town from celebrities to influential people, Co-owner and Senior Microblading Master Keighty Wong of Strokes Eye Beauty Studio shares with us their own tried-and-true aftercare routine that leads into the best brows one could ever have.

Here’s the 14-day breakdown of their microblading aftercare routine with Keighty Wong’s top advices:

Day 1: Fresh From The Studio

You just returned home from your brow appointment, feeling more beautiful than ever with your full and perfectly shaped brows.

Lifestyle Influencer and Host Marie Lozano’s Microbladed Brows

What To Do: 

  • After 2 hours from the initial procedure, gently apply their After Care Gel to the brows to help it heal holistically and allow the ink to retain on the skin. Apply 6 times daily on the first week.  
  • If residual ink and blood arise from the area – don’t panic, it’s normal! Just gently pat with a clean dry tissue. 

What Not To Do:

  • For the next 48 hours, let it dry heal. This means don’t wet or wash your eyebrows for the next 2 days. Avoid letting any product other than their After Care Gel touch your eyebrows.

The Basic Reminders After Your First Session:

  • Avoid swimming for the next 7 days: Chlorine and sun exposure can cause the pigment to fade.
  • Avoid excessive sweat for the next 3 days: The sweat from working-out and heavy activities can irritate your brows.
  • Avoid wearing makeup for 14 days: Treat your eyebrows like an open wound which makeup can infect.
  • As much as possible, don’t touch your eyebrows if not necessary.

Day 2 – 4: Did Someone Sharpie On My Eyebrows!

This time period between now and the 2 weeks, the pigment on your brows will get 50% darker as part of the healing process. “Unlike before na blusang-itim ang kalalabasan ng microbladed brows, sa pagaral namin ni Momoi, we only source the best of top-quality pigments and instruments,” Wong says.

Day 5 – 7: It’s So Itchy And It’s Starting To Flake Off

Similar to a tattoo on any other part of the skin, scabbing is part of the process. This happens because your skin is pushing out the excess ink it doesn’t need. Sobrang importante nito, if you neglect this part of the aftercare, everything na ginawa for the brows wasted lang,” Wong explains.

What To Do:

  • From applying the After Care Gel six times daily, you can now only apply it 3 times a day.
  • Start application of their Sunscreen Gel which will help pigment retention. “We also use it on our lips,” Wong adds. A favorite of her and Momoi to use for dry lips when they travel.
  • Naturally let the scabs fall off.

What Not To Do:

  • Don’t ever scratch, pull, or pick at the scabs of your eyebrows. This will pull the ink off from the skin, leaving you with unwanted patchiness.

Day 8 – 10: Where Did It All Go?

Wong says that the look of your brows during this phase, will have a major difference from the first time you got them. She explains that the strokes of freshly bladed brows are thick and when it heals, it naturally shortens and thins out. “Dito nagkakaroon ng spacing. Kaya sa ibang clients nalilito sila. They would always say ‘I want natural’, but after the scabbing and peeling, they would panic and think na nawala lahat ng pigment which hindi naman totoo. Mukha lang siyang natural,” Wong says. “That’s why we do before and after results para may basis. Doon lang nila mapansin na ah oo nga!’. Ito na yung new look and tuwang-tuwa sila.”

Day 10 – 14: This Is Me. I Am Confident. I am Beautiful.

Congratulations you’ve survived the highs and lows of the aftercare process! But your brow journey doesn’t end there, for best results at the Strokes Eye Beauty Studio, they suggest that the client return back after a week for another session. This makes sure that everything has healed correctly and if needed, they can touch-up on any missing gaps so there’s no further hassle of coming back constantly. “Para maganda na and yung next re-touch after a year or three na!” Wong says.

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Things To Continue Avoiding:

  • From here on out, avoid any peeling procedure or skincare products with acids altogether. Toners, rejuvenating creams and the likes can fade your eyebrows. Stick with a good moisturizer and sunblock.
  • Avoid putting any tint on the eyebrows which turns it ashy because of the color grading. Like a tattoo if you put foundation over it, it turns grey. “If you’re using makeup, always wipe down the eyebrows after,” Wong advises.

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