Which Texture Of Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Are You?

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You can’t deny the power of a good lippie. While choosing a color that suits your complexion is certainly important, some still tend to forget that texture plays an equally important role when choosing a lipstick. Thankfully, top beauty brand Bobbi Brown solves our problems with the House of Luxe Lip Color collection, with long-wearing lipsticks in three different finishes.

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1. Luxe Lip Matte Lipstick

Made with an unexpected blend of oil-infused super powders, the light Luxe Lip Matte Lipstick (P1850) glides on effortlessly, giving you intense matte color for up to 12 hours. The silky formula is complemented by light waxes that melt on the lips almost instantly.

2. Luxe Lip Liquid High Shine

Is gloss more your style? The Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Liquid High Shine (P1850) gives your lips a liquid glow and high-impact color. Upon application, one will be amazed with the product’s formula, which makes use of 3-D light refracting pigments for luminous shine.

3. Luxe Lip Velvet Matte

Last but definitely not the least, the Luxe Lip Velvet Matte (P1850) is a cross between lush liquid and velvet-soft matte. Made with fluid powder pigments derived from natural clay minerals and Wild Mango extract for softening properties, the product allows for creamy application that dries matte and stays on the entire day.