Ten Years Later, Givenchy Revisits The Story Of The Antigona With A More Relaxed Revelation

Celebrating a decade of style, the myth of the iconic Antigona endures in the hallowed halls of Givenchy with a softer, more sensual statement.

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If you have at least brushed up on your Greek mythology, then you would know the tensions that beleaguered the life of Antigone, the ill-fated but incredibly devoted figure who despite what beset her, constantly dared to be defiant. Bound by duty, the heroine was determined to overcome the strains of tragedy, such as being born to a marriage of incest, defending the honor of her brother, and refusing to relent to authority, the heroine ultimately took matters into her own hand and rewrites fate on her own terms. It wasn’t for naught though, because the irreverent telling of love and heartbreak by Sophocles has long endured, inspiring and empowering many over time, especially women. In fact, it has manifested itself into so many artistic interpretations, including stage plays, films, and of course, fashion.

Enamored by the strength of duality in Antigone, as well as of an unbending quality, Givenchy debuted the now-signature Antigona, a reinterpretation of the heritage Boston shape for its Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Striking in its distinct architectural built, as well as of the signature triangular patch and oversized zip and metal details, the Givenchy Antigona has since gained prominence as a persisting It-bag, decorating many celebrated arms long after its initial introduction. Rigid and precise in its construction, it is the subtle curves and rounding out of the traditionally hard-edged trapezoid that evokes grace and elegance that effectively offsets the aggression of its geometric genesis.


Structured to be timeless, the sublime coming together of classic and contemporary is the perfect realization of the Givenchy aesthetic, constantly working at that ideal equilibrium between strong and soft, masculine and feminine, charming and confident. But as it is one to constantly chase after contradiction, dedicated in its dialogue of dichotomy in fashion, Givenchy celebrates a decade of style with the Antigona by revealing its younger sister, the Antigona Soft. Cool, calm, and collected, the reinterpretation of the house is an necessary counterpoint to the rigors of its predecessor, this time more settled in a supple, sensual, and striking revelation.

Keeping with the tradition of its contrast, the Antigona Soft does not in any way compete with the sister’s act, but instead, it completes the story with its sleek lines and serene languor, relaxing at the perfect point to elicit an exhale from tradition. Crafted in smooth calfskin, there is a much more over fluid and androgynous appeal to the evolution of the Antigona, where its slouch speaks of assurance and resilience. Comforting in its cocoon-like state, there is a lot more give and versatility to this roomy iteration, transforming seamlessly from day bag to weekender with just a secured shift of a strap, with enough compartments that feature dual zip closures in its signature bombé pulls, inner pockets, turn-lock fastenings, and two top-handles. Accommodating in its intent, the Antigona Soft is generous and genuine, giving you (and your essentials) all you need and more in one go.


Despite its more softened approach to form and function, the Antigona Soft asserts its appeal to the market as the fun sibling, with its assortment of colors and finishes, which include the classic black, white, pearl gray, aubergine, and midnight blue, as well as of seasonal candy pink, military green, and ice blue. A testament to the legacy of Givenchy, which adapts to your own sense of style, it also offers realizations in vintage leather with hand-placed studs, with embroidered and printed stripes, and with braided cord and leather—all ripe for your picking when it hits local stores in October.


It may have been 10 years since, but there are no signs of slowing down for the legacy of the Antigona. With the softer version paying homage to the heritage of the house, there is a long way to go for this family of bags, making it most worthy of the name it traces its origins in. It may be a handful—and we mean that in the best way possible—but it sure does sound like a greater story to discover. Needless to say, we cannot wait to hang with this Antigona. (But don’t tell the older sister we told you that.)

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