Taylor Swift’s New Single Is About To Hit, Are We Ready For It?

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Miss Americana, Taylor Swift, is about to release a new single and this seems to be the best video dropping today. 

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Despite a new album just released, Taylor Swift has been unusually quiet these past few weeks. And if we thought that the thought would kill us, it won’t. Following her attendance at the Golden Globes with her “London Boy,” Joe Alwyn, and the premiere of her documentary in Sundance, it seemed like that was pretty much it. But recently, she announced via a tweet that she’ll be releasing her 4th single off of Lover, titled The Man.

It’s been a long time coming, but the 30-year-old pop star finally revealed that the track 3 of her seventh album is going to be a single. But if you’ve in this fandom for a long time, it’s not surprising as it seems. Swifties from all over the world have been in a fiasco ever since the album was released—splitting themselves between Cruel Summer and The Man stans. Basically, fans were trying to prove to one another and to the singer herself regarding which track should be the next single. But upon looking closely, the star herself has been throwing hints—from including the track to her American Music Awards medley to talking about its importance in countless interviews. If we’re also taking note, there’s the Grammy controversy’s talk of sexism which allegedly caused the singer to not perform at the awards show.

Taylor Swift posted this poster on all her social media accounts with words: “There are 19 hands in the hallway…but only 2 days until The Man Music Video” that led the fandom to speculate various ideas relating the poster to her Billboard Music Awards speech wherein she mentioned a list of women who she believes are pushing pop forward. And among them are some of the biggest names in the music industry namely, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Dua Lipa, Halsey, Hayley Kiyoko, Becky G, and Lana Del Rey.

But what do we expect of the music video? Well, Swift hasn’t posted anything yet, however fans are really into the “all-female assemblage” like the infamous Bad Blood era, but with a different vibe and cause. By every indication, it is a taking back the reins and standing up for what she believes is right by her, especially since in this undertaking, she is going behind the scenes as well, directing the music video herself. 

Photo from @taylorswift on Instagram

Many fans consider the song as her act of response to her controversial feud with Braun and Big Machine Records, perhaps alluding to an insight asking: what if it’s more than that? We’re guessing it’s not just about reputation. Taylor Swift has been sharing insights to every song off of Lover to a lot of press, such as how The Man expresses her struggles of being a woman both in the music industry and in the real world. All issues aside, I think we can all agree that after what she’s been through, if our Taylor Swift is a man, she would really be the man, right?