Taurus R Us: Celebrities That Are Truly Taureans

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We’re in the fourth month of the year, and that means it’s Taurus season!

Taurus are known to be dependable, stable, independent, and just a tad bit stubborn. Since they rule the planet Venus along with Libra, they love all things beauty and love to make homes out of wherever they may lay their head. Seriously, show us a Taurus who doesn’t appreciate the finer things in life.

Check out these celebs who are certified Taurus signs!

Bela Padilla – May 3, 1991

Taurus traits: Artistic, Romantic, Warm (Bonus points for her beautiful book and plant-filled condo!)

James Reid – May 11, 1993

Taurus traits: Low-key, Mature, Nature lover

Daniel Padilla – April 26, 1993

Taurus traits: Generous, Independent, Loyal

Yassi Pressman – May 11, 1995

Taurus traits: Lover of beauty, Outgoing, Humble

Judy Ann Santos – May 11, 1978

Taurus traits: Appreciator of food, Clever, Generous

Paulo Avelino – May 13, 1988

Taurus traits: Low-key, Composed, Stable

Marjorie Barretto – May 19, 1974

Taurus traits: Loyal, Strong-minded, Pragmatic

Maxine Medina – May 10, 1990

Taurus traits: Ambitious, Resourceful, Lover of Beauty