Switch Up These Essentials To A Cheaper And More Sustainable Alternative

Switch Up These Essentials To A Cheaper And More Sustainable Alternative

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Sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. You might even save more if you make the switch to these everyday essentials.

If there are small improvements you could make that would mutually be beneficial for you and the planet, wouldn’t you make the change? Personally, I find it difficult to switch up my old unsustainable ways. First off, I’ve always thought that sustainable

practices were only for the privileged, when in reality it all boils down to one thing: investment. You make the switch today, so you wouldn’t have to spend as much in the future. I couldn’t believe it took me this long to realize that. Start your sustainable journey early by easing in to eco-friendly alternatives that could make your life easier.

Buy this: Reusable organic cotton pads
Instead of: Cotton balls
Reusable bamboo cotton pads are an absolute game-changer. I wear makeup almost everyday even during the pandemic, so I use a lot of disposable cotton balls for makeup removal. I would constantly have to buy a new pack from the grocery, but ever since I made the switch I was able to save a little extra cash from it. They’re also very easy to clean. You just pop them in a washing machine and you’re good to go.

Check out: Activ Green Eco-Services’ Organic Cotton Pads (P130 per set of 6) here.

Buy this: Stapleless stapler
Instead of: Metal staples
Slowly moving away from normal staplers to my stapleless stapler wasn’t as easy as switching to reusable bamboo pads. This one has a bit of a learning curve before you can get used to it. Nevertheless, the payoff is huge. I never have to worry about running out of staple wires, because I don’t use them. Plus, if you’re going paperless, then you would only need to seldomly use it.

Check out: Daiso’s Stapleless staplers (P180) here.

Buy this: Recycled silver jewelry
Instead of: Gold painted copper jewelry
I’ve only recently learned about recycled silvers and I haven’t looked back since. Because of the whole jewelry layering trend, I’ve succumbed to cheap fast-fashion jewelry. They lasted me one wear before the chains started tarnishing. When I learned about recycled silver, I was overjoyed. The price points aren’t bad and they last longer than all the fake jewelry I owned.

Check out: Penny Pair’s Sustainable Jewelry Collection (Price varies) here.

sustainable, penny pairs

Buy this: Biodegradable phone case
Instead of: PVC phone case
Honestly, I was first attracted to these biodegradable phone cases because of the aesthetic. They’re so darn cute. I’ve been a big fan of the terrazzo pattern for quite some time now. However, when I found out these cases were 100% recyclable my jaw dropped. In particular, The Hub’s phone cases are made of bamboo, wheat, and flax materials.

Check out: The Hub Cebu’s 100% Zero Waste Phone Case (P550) here.

sustainable, the hub cebu

Buy this: Menstrual Cup
Instead of: Disposable menstrual pads
This is the one sustainable act that I haven’t tried that has been booming over TikTok and my social circle. So many women are converting to the menstrual cup. Thankfully, I got some insights from my besties, and the verdict is in: they’re not as messy as you think. Plus, they’re completely reusable. According to a study commissioned by INTIMA and conducted by OnePoll, “The average woman surveyed spends $13.25 a month on menstrual products.” That’s an average of P640 per month here in the Philippines.

Check out: Sinaya Cup’s Menstrual Cup (P1199) here.

sustainable, menstrual cups

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