These Magical Desserts Will Make Your Sweet Holiday Dreams Come True

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Mysterious yet irresistible desserts, through a unique assortment of ingredients loved by many, is the secret to the magic of The Sweet Spell

One of the sweetest pleasures in life is a good dessert. It’s the big smile and rush of positivity right after that satisfying first bite of chocolate. It’s the soft texture of a freshly-baked cake that, with every forkful, just makes you want another slice. It’s the crispy on the outside, soft on the inside cookies that are worth sharing. Desserts are treats so good, you just have to let out your emotions through a lingering “mmm” sound while the sugars melt in your mouth. Indeed, every taste of a good dessert is like an out-of-body experience–a magical spell that brings you to another world.

Craving for your sweet dreams to come true? Take a look at the crystal ball–the answer to your wishes is at The Sweet Spell. Decadent and delightful, The Sweet Spell infiltrates your deepest desires with enticing desserts. Every product is made fresh on the day of delivery and each one is tended with special love and care.

The Sweet Spell Santa’s Selection

Their seasonal releases come just at a perfect time for the holidays. Their new Christmas Menu consists of four bang-for-your-buck bundles perfect for family celebrations or gifts to your loved ones. For all the classics, check out Santa’s Selection, consisting of a dozen Chocolate Crinkles, one moist loaf of Banana Bread, four pieces of their Creme Brûlée Cheesecake, and a dozen of their half-dark, half-white chocolate Yin & Yang Cookies.

The Sweet Spell The Grinch’s Choice

Surprises and twists are in store with The Grinch’s Choice–and The Sweet Spell hopes nothing will disappoint! Take a bite from a dozen of Matcha Pan de Sals, three pieces of Mini Yuzu Loaf for the calamansi lovers, one dozen of their coffee-infused beignets Tiramisu Bites, and indulge in three layers of creamy frosting and cinnamon sugar with their Triple Creamy Cinnaloaf.

The Sweet Spell Olaf's Special

Give your taste buds some love like a warm hug during cold nights through Olaf’s Special. Nibble on the soft Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Swirl, treat yourself to an old classic with a dozen of PB&J Muffins, a dozen of Premium Choco Chip Cookies, and bite into the soft delight of a dozen Spanish Breads that take you to a trip down memory lane.

The Sweet Spell Rudolph’s Treats

Usher in the holiday cheer and spread the glow of bright smiles with Rudolph’s Treats. Unwind with a dozen Apple Caramel Muffins, one Choco Banana Bread, one dozen of Red Velvet Pan de Sals, and a dozen of the ever-so-tempting 24 Hour Coffee Brewkie that’s packed with a bold coffee flavor unleashed into the dough for a whole day, a generous sprinkle of dark chocolate chips, and a milk chocolate button to top it off.

Whether it’s elevating ordinary treats or perfecting classic desserts, you’ll surely experience magic with each bite. Mysterious yet irresistible–make all your wishes come true with The Sweet Spell.

Photos courtesy of Michael Perfecto. 

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