Swatching Online? No Problem With Chanel’s New Try-On Lipstick App

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With in-store swatching cancelled due to the safety protocols, the Chanel Lipscanner allows you to try on lipstick shades easily through your phone.

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Ask any woman who enjoys makeup and they’ll tell you beauty counters are a haven. From the soft lights that invite you to come closer to all the makeup products laid out for conspicuous consumption, it’s hard to ignore the thrill of freely roaming around your local beauty department. The best part of it all, aside from coming out with wrists that are covered in a multitude of lipstick shades, you get to try them on for real. No need to worry about shade matching when you’ve already done it before bringing it home.

But with makeup aisles still all wrapped up because of the ongoing pandemic, how does one find the perfect lipstick shade? Buying online also poses the same worry since we are left to our own imagination on how it would look like on our lips. Enter Chanel’s latest innovation, the Lipscanner–a “virtual try-on” app that uses AI technology to help you go through the brand’s product catalog and instantaneously put it on your lips. 

Swipe It On

A collaboration between the CX Lab and the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio, the app was developed 100% in-house through analyzing thousands of facial images to achieve exacting standards and precision towards skin tone and lip shape. Think 400 CHANEL lip shades of pink, red, and nudes with different finishes of gloss and matte virtualized and accessible through your phone. 

Scan and Match

Ever saw your favorite celebrity wearing a signature red lip and want to cop the same shade? Or maybe a glass of sangria that you wished stained your lips with its perfect berry hue? With Lipscanner, all it takes is for you to snap a photo and it will match a Chanel lipstick closest to its shade. Whether the picture came from your camera roll or it’s a freshly taken one, the “Colour Picking” feature analyzes the shade to the nearest pixel, establish links with each product in the CHANEL lip category, isolate and propose the closest shade in two or three finishes–matte, satin, or glossy. Even matching your lipstick to your outfit is easier, just take your usual OOTD photo, upload it on the app and find the exact same lipstick shade of your fit.

No need to step out of the comforts of your home or worry about returning online orders, because with major beauty brands like Chanel pivoting towards high-technology alternatives, finding our perfect match is just a click away.

Chanel’s Lipscanner is available on iOS via Apple’s App Store now and follow on Instagram for updates.

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