These Stylish Steals are Must-Haves for the Ultimate Summer Getaway

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Upcoming summer trips are exciting for a lot of great reasons—seeing new places for the first time, learning new cultures, having many beautiful photos to choose from, to name a few. Although, the fun begins even before we board that plane.
Going from store to store looking for the perfect outfit for each destination is an adventure on its own. Before you’ve even left, you can already imagine yourself in the most scenic places while wearing an on point ensemble. There is one problem though, how will you fit a shopping day in your hectic schedule of completing all pre-trip errands? After all, you want to get everything done easily and as fast as possible for a totally stress-free vacation.
A single store with a wide array of stylish clothes, trendy shoes, chic bags, the newest makeup items, and everything else you can think of is your savior for hectic shopping trips like these. A haven for stylish steals and unique finds, Robinsons Department Store is definitely a go-to for the trendy fashionista.
Just for summer, Robinsons Department Store released a collection from Liberté and Stella that’s perfect for trips abroad. Taking notes from both classic and contemporary techniques, the result is a one-of-a-kind, all-white range that spices up any wardrobe. These designs by Liberté and Stella bring to the table a powerfully feminine line that any woman would want to be seen in.

Check out these stylish summer steals from Robinsons Department Store:

Robinsons Department Store Stylist Summer Steals
We absolutely adore this Liberté halter jumpsuit. Put this on and you’re ready to strut along Paris’ famed fashion streets, Avenue des Champs Elysées and Rue de Passy, for an all-day spree.

Robinsons Department Store Stylist Summer Steals
Explore the historic city of Rome in this power duo from Stella. Its light textures and cool material will make going around The Eternal City feel like a breeze.

Robinsons Department Store Stylist Summer Steals
Bask under the Tuscan sun in this classic lace piece from Stella. You’ll surely stand out in this dress wherever the sun takes you.

Robinsons Department Store Stylist Summer Steals
Take a leisurely stroll and lounge beachside in picturesque Corsica, wearing these fashionable and comfortable culottes from Stella. Let the breeze brush through your saltwater-soaked hair as your Liberté outfit flows with the wind.

Robinsons Department Store Stylist Summer Steals
A refined Liberté number like this belongs in the hallowed halls of the Royal Opera House. Don this ruffled dress that exudes femininity as you enjoy a night of appreciating culture and the arts.


This collection is available at the following Robinsons Department Store branches: Antipolo, Cloverleaf, Ermita, Festival, Galleria, Magnolia, Malolos, Metroeast, Naga, Ormoc, Pioneer, Roxas, Santiago, and Tacloban

Words: Mara Madrid | Art: Den Fajardo