Stop Dieting And Do This Instead! Lose Weight Without Fussing Over Food
Stop Dieting And Do This Instead. Lose Weight Without Fussing Over Food

Stop Dieting And Do This Instead. Lose Weight Without Fussing Over Food

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Say no to the temptation of junk food by stuffing your face with these delicious meal plans instead. You won’t ever go hungry again. Related: Lose 20 Pounds By Walking With The Fitness Expert-Approved 12-3-30 Workout

Sometimes we overcomplicate our diets too much; Eat from this period to this period, don’t eat this, cook it like that. Suddenly, dieting becomes too overwhelming that we give up. When in reality, dieting is quite simple. According to my battered Merriam Webster dictionary, one of the three definitions for the word diet is habitual nourishment. Basically, you just need to choose the right type of food, so you can get all the necessary nutrients. Coincidentally, this is also where the problem lies: choice. When we’re left to our own inhibitions we tend to given in to temptation. It’s an infamous human trait. Just ask Adam and Eve.

On the other hand, if you were already full, then why would you go looking for more? Exactly, you won’t. That’s what a meal plan does. They provide you with everything you need, so you wouldn’t have the option to choose something outside your diet. Plus, if you’re a horrible cook, a meal plan can be an absolute lifesaver. Check out these affordable meal plans that will keep you full all day.

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Keto Vegetarian
Looking for the celebrity treatment? You’re in for a treat, because we’ve found the Keto meal plan all the celebrities are trying out now. Jessica Yang, Yeng Constantino, Karen Davila, and Phoemela Baranda have all tried Keto Vegetarian. They feature a selection of meals that are inspired by food from all over the world. You can be eating a Mexican Tamale pie one day and Indonesian Coco rice the next.

Price range: P2795 for five days for the Basic Plan A. Order from Keto Vegetarian here.

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GG Salad
I don’t know about you, but I love salads. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy a leafy bowl of chicken, small tomatoes, and bits of fruits, must have eaten a bad bunch of sprouts. Rest assured, you can get your salad fix from GG Salad. They provide salad-based meal plans that cater to your preferences. Don’t like salads with raisins? Tell them and you won’t ever spot one in your bowl again.

Price range: P2150 for five days for the Basic Salad program. Order from GG Salad here.

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Dear Diet
Am I seeing pastries? When did pastries become healthy? Yep, Dear Diet has found a way to create a plethora of Keto pastries. They even have your favorite ube pandesal, except this one’s Keto. Just by looking at their selection of delicacies on Instagram, you can see how dedicated Dear Diet is in providing scrumptious and nutritious meals.

Price range: P2100-P2900 for five days. Order from Dear Diet here.