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Still Unsure About Registering To Vote? Here’s How To Get It Right!

Still Unsure About Registering To Vote? Here’s How To Get It Right!

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Have you registered to vote yet? Here are the experiences of real people in their respective LGUs

Now that the pandemic has changed how we do things, people are left wondering, “How can we register to vote now?” If you’re one of them, don’t worry—we asked three registered voters about their experience, and their advice for people who are planning to register.

How was your voting registration experience?

Aries: Registered in San Juan, Aries shares that her experience wasn’t too bad. Not having an online appointment, she had to come back early the next day to finish her registration. She also says, “Fast lang ‘yung process if walang tao.”

Mia: Mia from Manila, on the other hand, registered during the height of the pandemic last year. While she didn’t encounter too many people, Mia made sure she brought her own pen, and sanitized before and after, especially when using the fingerprint scanner. She also shares, “I think people didn’t know talaga their barangay and district number.”, making the process a bit tedious.

Jaymee: From Caloocan, Jaymee’s experience was unlike Aries and Mia’s. Without an online appointment, he had to queue to be able to get in, and also fill up forms on the spot. Jaymee shares, “Hassle kasi mainit last time. Tapos walang tent, hindi organized.” He says that while he had to wait, the process was quick—less than 30 minutes—once he got in.

What’s your advice for those who are planning to register soon?

Aries: Book an online appointment, fill up forms ahead of time, and choose an earlier time para walang tao.

Mia: She shares, “My advice is know all the details of your address and where you live cause it really matters on voting day daw if you’re in the right precinct. Also, make sure your digital signature is super similar with how you write it on paper cause it might disregard your vote pala in the machines.”

Jaymee: Check the LGU sites so you have all the information and know where you need to register.

Need more information? Here are different ways you can submit your application for registration:

According to the Comelec website, there are 4 ways you can submit your application:

Fill up and submit your application form provided in the Office of the Election Officer (OEO)

If you choose to submit your application this way, you will have to follow 4 simple steps. First, you have to go to the OEO where you are already registered, or where you want to register. There, you will be provided with a CEF-1 form than you will have to fill up using a pen (write legibly!). After accomplishing your application form, submit it to the OEO where they will discuss with you the next steps.

Download and fill up the CEF-1 form using a pen before going to the OEO

For this, you will have to download a blank CEF-1 form provided in the Comelec website. Once downloaded, make sure to print the form back to back on an 8″ x 13″ (Folio) paper, and fill up the necessary fields using a pen. Once done, go to the OEO where you want to register and submit your accomplished CEF-1 form there.

Download and accomplish the CEF-1 form using your computer before going to the OEO

Similar to the second way to submit your form, download the CEF-1 form and accomplish it using a PDF reader, and fill up all required fields on the form. Print the filled-up form back to back on an 8″ x 13″ (Folio) paper, and go to the OEO where you want to register to personally submit your form. From there, the OEO will discuss the next steps.

You can use the iRehistro web app to register

Open the iRehistro web app and select the option that suits you, and follow the instructions provided. After completing the steps, go to the OEO (where you want to register) depending on your set appointment, and submit your application personally. The next steps will be further discussed by the OEO.

Voting is your right as a Filipino. Find out more and register at the COMELEC official website now.