Staycation: Where To Spend Your Long Vacation In The City
Staying In? Where To Spend Your Extended Break In The City

Staying In? Where To Spend Your Extended Break In The City

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Haven’t figured out where you’ll spend your long vacation? You don’t need to go far from the city when you can actually unwind in the metro. 

It’s that time of the year again when everyone’s in the mood to splurge on their next travel destinations. Whether it’s an out of the country trip or relaxing in a resort by the beach, people are definitely going somewhere. However, for some people, going on a trip to visit a must-see tourist destination could be exhausting even by just the thought of it. Come to think of it, whether you admit it or not, it’s just so crowded. Where’s the fun in that?

But thank heavens there are now a lot of hotels or Airbnbs that are peppered all over the metro. And it’s actually in these areas where you’ll definitely enjoy the true perks of the surprisingly quiet city life.

Here are the homes away from home you could book to enjoy your staycation.

The Luneta Hotel

Remember the movie of Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga, Last Night? Well, it was actually shot in an exquisitely restored national landmark, The Luneta Hotel Manila. Evocative of the French Renaissance architecture, it first opened in 1918 in one of Manila’s most legendary addresses. Hence, strolling along the streets of Manila, visiting Luneta Park, and enjoying the true beauty of the Pearl of the Orient, is all possible in a crowd less atmosphere.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Sofitel has always been the go-to hotel of renowned and powerful state delegates visiting the Philippines. In fact, during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, it’s where former US President Barack Obama stayed at. So, this only means that Sofitel consistently holds the baton when it comes to luxury living in the heart of Manila. Get to experience what state delegates would have whenever they’re here in the Philippines. Just don’t forget to go out of your balcony and see the majestic sunset view by the expansive Manila Bay.

City Of Dreams

Want to go all out and play with your whole family? Then the City of Dreams is your best bet. If you have youngsters with you, go on an adventure at DreamPlay by DreamWorks film. And if your children are too old for that (though no one really is, right?) then visit the Garage for an extraordinary experience of Virtual Reality. But, of course, the parents shouldn’t be left out when it comes to “fun.” So, go and play in the casino. You’ll never know…maybe you’ll be the one to prove that beginner’s luck truly does exist.

Marvel-Themed Airbnb

In case you’re looking forward to binge-watch with your buddies, then this might be the best apartment for you to hang out. Located in Bonifacio Global City, you’ll get the chance to step into a world of superheroes and adventure at the first-ever Marvel-inspired Studio. Get to watch your favorite Marvel movies in this superhero-themed Airbnb—whether it’s Iron Man, Thor, or the Avengers. Listen in on your Spidey senses tingling and just make sure you watch Spiderman, because he’s literally watching you from the ceiling.