Start The New Year Right With These Beauty Companions
Start The New Year Right With These Beauty Companions

Start The New Year Right With These Beauty Companions

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It may be a new year, but we’re still dealing with previous one’s demands. To aid our quest for calm and peace of mind, we turn to beauty products designed to soothe frayed nerves and add a little sparkle where and when we need it.

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From their “Sensory Chronicles” collection, Aesop’s gift kits pay homage to the power of the imagination, taking us as far away as our dreams will let us. All this from a hand wash and body balm set? Why, yes. Not only is the combination of the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash and Rind Concentrate Body Balm in the Chance Companion set (P3000) an uplifting and soothing olfactory and tactile experience, but the biodegradable packaging (made out of 100% recycled material) also houses literature from noted writers.


The beauty of CHANEL is that the house is always inspired by facets of its famous founder. For this year’s holiday collection, the makeup range takes its cue from the brand’s signature gold chains. Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica links together the classic red lip with the holidays’ penchant for glamorous gold with four Ombre Première (P2300) eye shadows, several Rouge Allure (P2450) lipsticks and a gorgeous rose-gold illuminating Blush Powder (P4150). The result is a timeless yet modern beauty look that is completely captivating and perfect for the new year. 


We adore the limited edition candles that DIPTYQUE releases annually and this year’s holiday collection did not disappoint. Starting with the Floral Majesty Candle (P4250), which boasts the luxurious warmth of roses, cinnamon and spices, to the Moonlit Fir Candle (P4250), composed of soothing pine, eucalyptus and peppermint, and, lastly, the festive blend of orange, ginger, amber and cinnamon of the Amber Feather Candle (P4250), all speak of the different, shifting moods of the holidays. 


If the good (and bad) times showing up too prominently in your face, why not try a face detox? Gua Sha is the practice of “scraping” the skin to relieve it of tension, pain—and yes—bloat. The Heart Gua Sha (P1550) from is made out of natural rose quartz—the stone of universal love—and helps de-puff, lift, firm and brighten the skin. Use light but firm pressure to gently stroke one’s face and neck and boost circulation. Try it with your favorite facial oil to help it glide more smoothly. Do it regularly and you’ll discover why it’s a new year beauty ritual worth doing.