Spotify Now Curates A Monthly Playlist (And Horoscope) According To Your Zodiac Sign

A monthly dose of good music specifically curated for your zodiac sign—Spotify turns the streaming platform to a go-to destination for your horoscope needs.

Perhaps, it’s become a common conversation starter to ask, “What’s your sign?” Then comes the avalanche of predictions (or should I say ‘expectations’) of who you should be according to your star sign. Of course, a lot of people would beg to differ—”I am not exactly as what my sign would tell me to be.” Then comes the “natal charts”. When and where were you born—please state the exact time and place. You would later realize you’re more than just a Libra but also a Virgo at heart and that’s why you register as an Aries even if you’re a Capricorn. Spotify seemed to have understood the hype and has jumped in the zodiac sign bandwagon with their Cosmic Playlists.

Spotify Now Curates A Monthly Playlist (And Horoscope) According To Your Zodiac Sign

Spotify brings all of these with their zodiac-specific playlists built with the help of astrologer Chani Nicholas. The streaming site said that “astrology is no longer simply synonymous with bold predictions about love, fame, and fortune. Instead, it’s attracting more and more people who use horoscope readings as a way to reflect and find direction in their lives.”

With this, they come up with a playlist curated monthly for each of the 12 astrological signs (based on your ascendant), determined of course by Nicholas’s astrological readings. Take this as an opportunity to discover new (and good) music as well. Check out the playlist for your sign below:













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