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New Drip, No Slip: The Sperry Float Collection Breathes Versatility To Your Shoe Game

New Drip, No Slip: The Sperry Float Collection Breathes Versatility To Your Shoe Game

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Through days on the streets or by the shore, these new waterproof Sperry boat shoes bring comfort, safety, and a fresh style to excite your wardrobe

Don’t be rushed to dive into your next outdoor adventure. Even at home or around town, Sperry Float is style-forward with its youthful appeal

There’s a good reason why you see people wear boat shoes. Those leather-tops with laces that wrap around the top opening are easy to wear and comfortable. College students wear them as they walk around campuses and malls, and even travel bugs who love chilling by the beach never forget their pairs. The detailed stitching, rivets, and laces make them more dressed-up than your standard canvas slip-ons, yet casual enough that they won’t seem too out-of-place in your fit. In fact, who could ever forget the classic look of a loose button-down top, comfy shorts, and boat shoes?

Sperry–a name now synonymous with preppy style–takes their original utilitarian design of a boat shoe and transforms it by using new materials to match your day-to-day outfits. Sperry Float is the newest addition to the brand’s historic line-up of practical footwear, and comes in a lightweight and waterproof form.

Fresh on your feet

Sperry Float isn’t just for the water’s edge. Take it on your next field day, too!

Made to make us move, the Sperry Float line brings the iconic boat shoe silhouette in a new generation of style. It is made of superlight, flexible ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) that feels somewhere in between foam and rubber. This makes the shoe both comfortable on your feet and tough against daily wear. Its portholes on top-side make the fit breathable, while gills on the side help drain water when you start splashing around. So whether you’re wearing this outdoors for watersports and activities by the shore, or simply on the yard or poolside for a family lunch, you don’t need to switch up your style.

No-slip zone

Walk with confidence, even when slippery, once you put on the Sperry Float collection

More than floating from its lightweight build, the Sperry Float collection also stands firm on wet surfaces thanks to its Signature Sperry Molded Wave-Siping technology for enhanced traction. If you find yourself out during the rain, or treading on ground on a sunny afternoon, the waterproof, all-weather build will keep you right on track.

Make a splash without the splurge

The Authentic Original Float (center left) and the Windward Float Thong (center right) in the Sperry Float collection come in various earth tones to match perfectly with any fit.

With comfort and safety prioritized without compromising looks, the Sperry Float is still on-trend as an everyday pair with an all-play attitude and all-purpose appeal. But best of all, the new collection comes at an attractive price that makes it a no-brainer addition to your shoe roster. The Authentic Original Float reminiscent of classic boat shoes comes in at PHP 2,795, while the Windward Float Thong sandals for a more open fit are available for PHP 2,295.

Ladies, this new collection is available in playful colors that surely fit in any wardrobe, such as Black, White, Blush, Champagne, and Navy. Sperry Float also has models for men, so don’t forget to give your hubby a pair, too.

Bless your soles with comfort and a new style with the Sperry Float collection. It’s time to give your shoe game a much-needed update by slipping on this reimagined classic.

Slip on and stand out with Sperry Float. Visit their website to order your pair today. For the latest updates, follow Sperry on Facebook and Instagram, and join their Viber Community.