Solenn Heussaff And Nico Bolzico Are More Than Just Your Usual Fitspiration

Let’s admit it — Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are probably most people’s body goals. Their workout routine and diet totally reflects on the way they look and carry herself. But there has to be a reason why the couple has chosen to follow a strict diet and to keep working out. Together, we’ve recently found out why Solenn and Nico chose to live better.

For Their Loved Ones

Solenn Heussaff | Philam Life | Active Joint Critical Protect | MEGA

Living better doesn’t only have to be for yourself. For Solenn and Nico, it’s also for the people they love—in Nico’s case is Solenn, and for Solenn, it’s her mom. Having a happy lifestyle doesn’t to be at the expense of the people you care for. Solenn and Nico chose to do this for a brighter future ahead of them.

Living better also comes with making the right decisions for them and for a loved one. So the couple decided to protect them while still keeping their selves protected as well. This was made possible for them through Philam Life’s Active Joint Critical Program.

Live Better

Nico Bolzico | Philam Life | Active Joint Critical Protect | MEGAStay safe from the most common critical illnesses for over a ten-year period with this new offer from Philam Life. This 2-in-1 plan also automatically renews for convenience. For Solenn and Nico, prevention is always better than cure. So with an active and healthy lifestyle, they decided to be prepared in case anything untoward happens to them and their loved ones. Now, this couple is more than just the fitspiration they appear to be on social media. They, too, teach us the right motivation for us to live better just like them.

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